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Refresh Rate problem in win2k

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The Coolest

Senior Member
Jul 29, 2001
I have a TNT2 Pro and the latest drivers (28.32) for Win2k/XP in which notes is stated that they fix the refresh rate that is stuck at 60hz in games. It didn't fix it at all, I installed them by Updating the existing ones, maybe that is what I did wrong? What can I do? It really sux playing 800x600 @ 60hz when this monitor is capable of twice as that. Please help
i hadnt the chance to test this with 28.32 yet but its always better (sometimes a lot) to remove the current version before installing the new. perhaps thats where the problem is. lately, the way things r, perhaps that nvidia says isnt all that true.
good luck.
OK, I removed all the drivers and then reinstalled, and it didn't help.. Still has to 60Hz refresh lock in games and such
then there is only one option i know that is to use the registry fix for the refresh rates. i know youll find the fix in RIVATUNER, the problem is that it will always set the highest refresh rate your monitor supports to each resolution.
or you can wait till the Refresh Rate Fix program to make the support for this latest driver; i think its better.
OK, thanks. the RivaTuner (RC10) didn't work, I don't really know why, but it didn't, I'll have to wait till the fix proggie will support those new drivers.
taken directly off of the RivaTuner Forums :

<< For those who wish to fix 60Hz with currently available version of RivaTuner:

1) Open regedit
2) Search for UseCompressedModeFormat and set it to 0
3) Reboot
4) Use RivaTuner's 60 Hz fix
5) Enjoy

Alexey Nicolaychuk aka Unwinder, RivaTuner creator >>

edit: oh. btw. there's more than one instance of "UseCompressedModeFormat" in the registry.. so just do a F3 to find all of them to change.. :)
I can't find this strin in my registry at all. I even tried different parts of it, can't find it...
take a look at here. also, i remember have seen some supposed fixed drivers at guru3d.com.