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Refrigeration guide?

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Insane Overclocking Clown
Sep 17, 2001
Orange County
After reading through this thread and catching a lot of information I could have really used, I have concluded that one of you guys needs to make a cooling guide for building sub-zero refrigeration cooling systems.

A couple months ago, I wound up throwing away a perfectly good compressor because I cracked the copper tubing and did not know I could replace the tubing or get the refrigerant recharged. I also didn't know about the lengths and diameters of tubing to use for different situations.

It would help us overclockers immensely if someone with a good extent of knowledge of refrigeration could write up a guide for putting compressors together with copper tubing to make optimal refrigeration techniques. You could have it stuck on the front page with the other articles...and then I could take the plunge this summer and go sub-zero:D


Apr 6, 2001
I think a lot has been covered in Project X and a number of other threads. There are 2 possibles. Refrigeration is going to be increasingly popular method of cooling. Project X could be made a Sticky for people to refer to. The second is that a separate Refrigeration section is created where we can discuss this topic.
I have a very keen interest and so have many others and we have all had our say but lets face it, we are all rank amateurs who talk and play with things where experts "would shudder at the mere thought" of what we are trying to do. My wish is that someone studying chemical engineering or with a Chem engineering degree would join the party and give us real education on this complex subject.