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Refurbished Newegg products

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Apr 18, 2001
Has anyone gotten a refurbished newegg product, if so what condition was it in and did it work? I am tempted by the low prices but want to know that it will work first.

Me three! They have a refurbed Iwill KK266 at a great price, I wonder how well it will work?

They say refurbished means 'used and returned by customer'- I'm just wondering how 'used' it is:)
I Know "hallen" Did

Guy with the username "hallen" here on this board did quite a bit of business with Newegg buying refubed motherboards and as far as I heard he had no problems with any of them. Might want to drop him a PM and see what he has to say.

Newegg refurbs is the first place I look for adding a board and I've had good results with their refurbs. Some have been brand new overstocks others have been opened but all the retail pieces are there others are barebones board only.

My theory is if it is a quality board then a refurb will be ok. The only problems I had was with an IWill XP333 (the one remaining is my least liked board) and a Shuttle AK31.

Newegg RMA'd both with a credit to my CC under the 30 day warranty.

I just bought another refurb today:
thanks for the info hallen! Think I'm going to bite the bullet and jusrt order.

One Q for ya- when you said you were unhappy with the AK31 and the 333- why was that? Were they just not very good mobos, or were they broken or something?

I'm just leery of getting some overclocker's reject.
Rock- It was just the way the boards behaved when I was testing them. It was more a board problem than a refurb problem. When the BIOS locked up it was sometimes a struggle to reset. To me that's not a good sign.

The KR7A's have been behaving exactly as I expect them to. Same for the A7M266's except they're a little out of date now.

As I said, if it's a good board you should get good results and if it is a reject you have 30 days protection.

swe-e-e-e-t, that's what I was hoping you'd say!

I just finalized my order for an Iwill KK266- no more Celerons for me, AMD here I come!:D

thanks again man!
now i'm getting interested in building a second computer after checking out newegg prices. how much is their shipping on average? decent or overpriced?
shipping is usually FREE on refurbs at newegg!!:)

Got my refurbed Iwill KK266 today. Haven't tried it yet, but to my eyes it looks brand new. Totally untouched, not even dusty. The web page said refirbed stuff is sold bare bones without even a manual- well mine came in the full retail packaging! Display box, CDs, manual, IDE cables, etc.

Just gotta get a CPU and try it out. So far I'm impressed!
Just FYI: these could be the same mobos that you idiots (you know who im talking to) sent back for rma because you are not honest and you did something silly like burn out a fan header etc. Im not saying that this is what these boards are, however, just keep that in mind when you place an order for, or RMA a mobo.
The mobo im running now, and have been running since last september, came from the newegg refirbished section. Paid 90 bucks for it when they were selling for 120 new.:D
i am also intersted in buying one of the refurbs, and have a question:
it says that they do not come with anything, not even a manual. is it usually possible to download the manuals from the manufacurer? i have a feeling i would need it, so i need to be able to find it elsewhere.
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seamadan000: usually you can find manuals for download in .PDF form at the manufacturer's home page.

First thing I do when I hear about a cool new mob is dl the manual for an indepth look:)
Yes, all of the refurbs are RMAs to Newegg though they will not sell a dead item. I bought a K7S5A from them refurb and have had some problems I haven't been able to nail down with it. Not using right now as I just got a different board, but I think the problem was with the PSU being too weak over the board being bad. Also an early revision of the board so it didn't have XP support.
I have had a lot of good and a lot of bad with newegg refurb boards. About half have been bad boards BUT newegg is very good about refunding your money or getting you a replacement. I just ordered a refurb P4S333 so I'll let you know how it turns out. The only thing I really wouldn't buy is a refurbished hard drive. New drives have enough problems already.