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Reliable multi phone charging/data cable for Apple products

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c(n*199780) Senior Member
Feb 18, 2002
It's 2016, I guess it's time to have some Apple charging/data cables in the house for when people come over, :)
I understand there are two, dock (for older) and lightning (for newer), is that right?

There are a million multi-phone cables available to be ordered from China or closer.
Just buy a couple cables and keep a wall adapter with a USB port to use with any cable...
In the Android world, just buying a couple of cables may only get you charging but not full data capabilities.

It matters which cable you buy and from where for an Android phone. That is why I started a thread to ask this.

Are things different in the Apple world?
It's just as easy as buying for something Android based... look at the specs and see if it tells you it is a data cable.
It's okay, I think we both know that I am aware of everything posted in the two of your posts above but it's okay... I was considering buying a multi phone cable, with multiple phone connectors and was wondering if anyone here has direct experience with those and started this thread to see if someone does and where they got theirs.
Every multi-ended cable I've seen doesn't hold up as well as the single connector cables.
Buy from the Apple store, pricier but worth it in the end, i have bought a few lower quality ones from amazon/ebay (kids) in the past and they never last anything decent besides charging slower then the originals even on the wall (and sometimes making the phones too hot to handle while charging).