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Relocating stats

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Aug 9, 2002
How difficult would it be to make it possible to allow people to say change teams and retain stats? Either by totally changing the system or just by request.

Is this ever going to be available?
Seti lets you take your points with you when you change your team.

its a bad thing though. People who have thousands of points can harm their team and make another team get a giant leap up instantly by changing teams.

I like the way it is. Unless people want to give Team 32 points, then we should get stanford to allow it :)
it will be impossible actually because Stanford set out to make it the way it is for a reason. They stated that when they points should remain with the team that they were produced with, partly to avoid the thing seti has with people moving around. Also, Stanford will not move your stats on request either, Vijay seems to be set in this line of thinking.

The one thing that I really dislike with the folding set-up is that you cannot change your name. I set up an account as {pms}fishy, and it comes out as _pms_fishy, that just looks stupid. I can't do anything about it, execpt make a new account.