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remote folding

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Chris-the dude

Feb 10, 2002
Chicago burbs
Hi, I've got a computer that I want to log into remotely with ssh and start my [email protected] client on that machine. How do I keep that process running even after I exit my ssh client?

I tried stopping the process with Ctrl-Z and putting it in the background with bg, but it still shutdown after I closed out of my ssh client. Obviously I'm going about this the wrong way. help?

btw, I'm using puTTy


Oct 27, 2002
two options I can think of:
1.-(best option) screen; it's the most popular use for it: log in remotely, type 'screen' which starts a new shell, but a shell which can be detached (ctrl-a d is a way to do this) and reattached later; so you start folding in screen, press ctrl-a d and type exit
2.-nohup, not sure it'll work though

screen has other uses, read up the man page or something (to get you started: you can have multiple shells inside one screen; you give commands to screen using ctrl-a [otherkey], like ctrl-a c to create a new shell, ctrl-a " to list all shells)