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Remove Dielecric grease?

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Oct 1, 2002
Seattle, WA
Ok I basicly have a bad mobo. I need to figure out a way to remove all evidence of the sealing job I did. The silicone shouldnt be too hard I think but time will tell. The real problem is the Dielectric grease. How can I get it off and out of the holes? I was thinking of using a syringe (both needle and non needle) and sucking it out of the holes. I want to at least try cleaning it up. Anyone know of a better way to do this? Is there any way of taking the socket off and washing it perhaps? Or is it really stuck on there? Any thoughts on how to do THIS?
not this ethical debate again....

anyways about your board you should try to clean it up with a very small syringe....
THIS was capitalized for a purpose. Ya I'll try thows syringes. So I take it that you cant just take the socket off?
Well after taking my mobo out I think thw hardest thing to take off will be the RTV silicone. I think I wil just take the board in to the place and show them, and ask about their return policy., This should be funny.