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Removing Annihalator 2 Ultra Fan/Heatsink - Dangerous?

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New Member
May 13, 2001
I just bought a Thermaltake Blue Orb to put on my Creative Labs Annihialator 2 Ultra board. I heard that to remove the heatsink requires prying the heatsink off the chip because it is glued down. Has anyone here had the experience of removing one or know anyone that has removed one? I don't want to ruin a $400 video card! Any tips on how to do it safely?
If the sinks are glued to chipset, you can place the card in the freezer for 10 minutes, then the heatsinks will come off easier. Be careful how you remove the sinks. Don't damage any components. The Voodoo 5 has a series of litle cans that can be damaged easy. Look at the board here for an article or visit www.tennmax.com & they show how to remove them.

I did this on my TNT2 Ultra. Put in the freezer for a couple minutes then use a butter knife to carefully pry it up. The HSF popped right off. A noisy BLORB now resides there.