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Removing factory HS on Voodoo3 2K...

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Mar 6, 2001
Can anyone tell me the best way to remove the factory attempt at a heat sink from my PCI Voodoo3 2000? I have an older one that just has the small, silver-colored aluminum heatsink on the GPU, and I want to replace it with a pentium HSF that I picked up a while ago. However, it appears to be solidly epoxied on or something, and I'm afraid of ripping the GPU off before I get the heatsink off! Has anyone else successfully done this, and if so, how? Thanks!
never done it, but i know of the infamous Freezer method:

Pop that V3 into the freezer for an hour or 2, until it's nice and chilly.
get something hard to cover some of the card, and get a butternife. now, put the knife under the sink, and the platic under the knife, and use it like a level, and POP goes the HS and if it doesn't, keep trying. MAKE SURE TO USE THAT PLASTIC! use a credit card for max stability and stregth, while using a small area.....

Hmmm. Sounds amusing, and I could see why it would probably work. Any idea if you should put the card in a ziploc bag or something to protect it from moisture in the freezer? (or from smelling like ice cream or such :p) I may have to try this tonight, along with trying to get my linux router working. Wish me luck! Hopefully I won't be back posting shortly thereafter looking for a new vid card because I broke the V3....
i personally just popped of my savage 4 with a knife, without freezing, but the V3 has strong epoxy.
yeA, try a zip baggy, should work. lemme know!