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Removing HSF on Radeon 8500?

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Jan 12, 2002
I want to remove my old HSF on my Radeon 8500, so I can put on a new HSF like a Crystal Orb?


Feb 19, 2001
i once removed the hsf on my gforce 2mx.first off it was really thermal glued to the chip,so what i did was chilled it in the freezer for about a half an hour in a ziplock freezer bag.once it was out i laid it on a slice of rubber i had lying around so as not to scratch any of my wooden counters.i then took an old credit card and laid it on the graphics board as close the chip as i could get so as to protect the board.i then used the flattest sturdiest screwdriver i had and gently(oh so gently began moving around the chip(where i could protect the board with card)looking for spots that were less glued or the hsf lifted easier as soon as i had a place lifting up a little i would enter the credit card in that spot so as to not scratch the chip(sooo! important!)and and gently work in that spot untill the hsf is off.and voila!i then cleaned the remaining goop off the chip with my girlfrinds nail polish remover making sure i didnt overly wet the cloth that i used so as not to drench the board as well."caution in doing this i have heard of a few people pulling up their chip when they thought that they were pulling off their hsf and i would hate to see you loose such a good card".so be very careful.i hope this helps.


Senior Member
Jun 16, 2001
another option is to heavily overclock the cards gpu and stress test the card (ie an hour of Unreal Tourney or 5-10 loops of 3dmark) and then quickly shut down the computer and gently twis the heastsink off