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Removing HSFs...

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New Member
Apr 19, 2001
OK I'm new to basically every aspect of overclocking and what not so bear with this...

I have a Thermaltake Super Orb for AMD (Socket 462)chips. And well, I just went and took the thing off and had a helluva time doing it. I scratched up the plastic (where the HSF latches on, not the MB) a little bit and it took me some 10 min to get it off after numerous attempts. What I'm wondering is: Are all HSF's this hard to remove? And what of my processor, did I damage it pushing down so hard? I have no idea yet because that computer doesnt have a video card. But just tell me my CPU is gonna be okay!
most arent't that hard to remove, but the orbs are really hard. Orbs aren't too great of coolers, get an alpha, globalwin, or swiftech hsf. They are much better. You probably did not crush your cpu, but there is that chance. The only way to test is to slap a heatsink on, and try to boot.
Thermaltake HSF's for socket A are notoriously hard to remove.... I would ditch it and not risk crushing/cracking your CPU core. Globalwin, Swiftech and Alpha are definitely the way to go.

i would recommend the Vantec FCE(whole bunch of numbers)D
it has a very easy clip to put it on and of very easy
Well...I already have the ORB back on, so I'm not gonna go and take the damn thing off again. Yikes, I'll wait till I get a new CPU... Anyway, I think I definitely should've looked into fans before I picked it, but it was the only thing in stock really (so it sounded cool, SuperORB!). Thanks, and will I be able to tell if the CPU was damaged when I start it up?