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Removing RAMsinks on 9800 Pro

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New Member
Jan 23, 2003
Bakersfield, CA
Hey all, I've got some OCSystem tin-coated copper BGA RAMsinks (found here) on my 9800 Pro and I am thinking of removing them so that I can try out the Zalman ZM80A-HP that I have, to see if the Zalman is a better cooling solution than my TT Crystal Orb. I know that with the RAMsinks on the back of the card, the Zalman will not fit.

So, I am asking what would be the best way to remove the RAMsinks. Do I stick the card in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer for a couple hours, or do I take a hairdryer to the card? I am more wary of using a hairdryer, but I would like to be able to take those sinks off using the best possible method. They use that 3M thermal tape adhesive.

If I am able to get this to work, I would put these RAMsinks on the back of the card, because I hear that they actually fit with the Zalman and everything. What do you all think?

Lastly, do you think that the Tweakmonster BGA copper RAMsinks (here) are better than OCSystem's RAMsinks? Or should I stick with OCSystem's sinks?