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Removing sticky residue from processor core?

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May 2, 2001
I am about to change my hsf. It is the stock one that I am pulling out, that had the adhesive tape between the hsf and the proc. I expect it to have a crap load of stickiness and what not on the core. How should one clean this off?
I've always advised on Heavy Duty Flux remover, but a recent experiment with good ole Gumout Carburetor Cleaner produced excellent results. A can of the stuff will last forever. It really "cuts the cheese". Stinky, but effective. Note: It attacks paint so if your L1 bridges are jumped with conductive paint, after you scrub the CPU with the stuff, re-do those bridges.

acetone is best for removing tape from the HS and chip. Afterwhich, use some 91% plus Isopropyl Alcohol for final cleaning. Don't use petro based adhesive remove as they leave a film on you stuff.
gumout really cuts the bublegum , alchohol will pretty much remove any kind of oils from it also, also , acetone may attck the epxoy on the core, I'm not sure about this, but I know its what you use to thin epoxy with , and to clean it up. (it may be impervious when cured though)