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Removing Video Card Heatsink

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Tried the freeer trick on a Voodoo3 2000, no luck, wouldn't budge. What should I do?
I have heard of people having success going the other way with heatsink removal. They run it inside their system for awhile to get it good and hot.. then remove and try to remove the heatsink before it cools down. I have not tried it, though. If I was doing it.. I would think a twisting action would be the way to go. If you try to pull directly away from the chip you may pull the chip out. I would think that the twisting motion would be offset by the strength of the pins.


p.s. Let me know if you think I'm wrong about the twisting thing. I'm only a day or so away from getting my waterblock and trying to remove my sink from my GF2 U.. heh.
William...not sure which heat sink the 2000 has but I have a 3000/PCI with the fat alumnium one and I finally ended up using an exacto knife with one of the longer skinny blades that was flexible to carve away at the paste linning the sides of the chip. Once I wore through it enough I was then able to pry the sink off w/o freezing the card. You can get 'em at almost any hardware store and they usually have the blade options as well. Good luck...The paste on those cards is like cement.
I would hate to see you ruin it by prying to much and damaging the GPU. If the knife trick does not work you may have to live with it. I'm sure you'll use good judgement.

Will my man i had the 2000 a while back, tiny little HS? Yeah i know, i put it in the freezer for a good 50 minutes (freezer was at level 7 coldness) (out of 10) Then with a steak knife (you know think little blade?) i placed the kife under, turned it about 90 degree's and pryed like mad. Its (well mine anyways) held on with what looks to be plain glue with no heat transfering properties. Gave her a good lap, Radioshack goop and superglue in the 4 corners and i was set. I think i went around 172/172 but it was a while ago and i do not remember much. But it worked for me when i was a real n00b (as opposed to now where i consider myself a moderate n00b)

Btw- With reference to the knife, i did not have the tip anywhere near the core, rather it stuck out about 1" from the HS and pryed like that. Its a touch little core if i remember, gave it quite a fair lap itself (which i now wouldnt do btw)

1 more thing, i totally agree with Willysnut in that the glue is like cement, his way of removing the HS makes sence but i've yet to try anything of the sort.