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Renegade SUX

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Cowboy X

Oct 12, 2001
Folding in Barbados
I was very sad when I saw the review of C&C Renegade at http://www.firingsquad.com ............ in short the game sux . I had every Westwood rts game since dune1 , for now Renegade will not be in my C&C collection.

I'm glad I didn't order it .

1/ Poor sound.

2/ Short stupid single player.

3/ Poor netcode.

4/ Dated graphics

5/ B-movie cutscenes with a B-movie script .

6/ No multiplayer balance whatsoever .

7/ Bad weapons.

8/ Very dumb AI.

9/ Bugs galore.

10/ Hard to aim

I wonder how so many things could go wrong in one game , but then again there is always Daikatana .
I for one like it.
1) sound is ok
2) the single player is kinda short and the plot kinda fizzles out toward the end.
3) i cant comment on the netcode yet as i dont play on a 56k at all, lol. i given up on trying
4) yes it does use older graphics (we are just spoiled by RTCW)
5) the cutscens are ok, some are funny, lol.
6) multiplayer is as balanced as the orginal C&C was, nod and gdi both have their advantages
7) i dont know what your talking about but the weapons rule, unless your one of those realism freaks
8) i agree, the AI can use work, but they do provide a challege sometimes, lol.
9) yes it is buggy, but remember that this is westwoods first fps game, they created the engine from scratch so its bound to be buggy. they will fix it though.
10) its actually quite easy to aim

you should borrow it from a friend to try it if possible, because if you were a fan of the orginal C&C you will like this :)
The review i've seen ( i know they can be harsh ) said that aiming was quite difficult as the aiming box is smaller than the model ........... so an enemy can be behind a rock with some of the body exposed but u can't hit .

i'm not a realism freak ................ it depends on the niche the game tries to fit ,but some of the weapons are just too weak and others too strong esp in mp.

At least read the review and see if some of their issues are true/noticeable . You might see some and u may disagree with others , post them .

From the review I saw, the cutscenes, graphics , sound and AI may have to stay but I cant see the game being worth the $ until some extensive patching is done on the rest. Trust me I'd love to see C&C structures close up and drive C&C units ............ but not yet.
I agree the game sucks pretty bad when its single player.

Multi-player is alright, nothing special.
Zuck Gou :) said:
I agree the game sucks pretty bad when its single player.

Multi-player is alright, nothing special.
Multiplayer is fun
it kicks *** wopping a mammoth tank with the nod buggy :D hehehe
of course i only play on lan, because 56k sucks
I think that it's a great game. The graphics are nothing to complain about. The netcode isn't that bad, it could use some work. It is rather well done for Westwood's first FPS. I think that it's well balanced in MP. I wish there were bots in a LAN game though. That's what I always ask for in games though.

Where I'm from games and in fact most things cost several times more what someone in the U.S. or Canada would pay. i can't afford to buy a crap game .

In fact many people here play warez copies first.
man, i got 10 days to return mine, i didnt like it at all.
very boring. and for 40 dollars? now way.
I think i need to get it just because its C&C. For that reason alone i could put up with a certain number of bugs and stuff. Besides, they will probabably release patches for stuff too.
I for the most part hate RTS type games...I looked at pass Command & Couqre screen shots..I don't know how in the world someone can stare at a 2D game...I find it boreing..Just like starcraft...But now that Renegade is out..it's not bad at all. I do like it.. But the Netcode really needs some working on... their is a fair amout of lag and I get alot of disconnects..Btw I have Cable... The weapons in the game are nice. I like the efect like when you deploy a Ion Canon it starts to rain and Thunder.. Or if the Nod side drops a Nuke the sky turns Red and Ash starts falling...
I think it fine

I bought it the day it came out and played the demo for weeks before it was out. I like it, the single player is ok but then again most good multiplayer games have crappy single player and most good single player games have no multiplayer. If you like all the C&C games and like the strategy/FPS games like TFC and RTCW then you will like this. it has some bugs but they are always updating it and lately it works pretty good. I have wanted to drive vehicles in a FPS for years and now i can. its great. The grafics are fine textures are good but i think alot of people think the grafics suck because the building and structures look like they did in the original game, hey guess what, they are supposed too! it's supposed to make you feel like you are viewing a real C&C game from a First person viewpoint and thats what they accomplished. The only coplaint i have is their aren't enough GOOD servers available yet. With alot of people still playing games like Counter-suck I would think that the grafics in this game would be appreciated. The size of the maps are impressive and make you feel like you are on a battlefield, any FPS gamer should respect the size of some of the Renegade maps.