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Repair/reduce scratch on matte finish LCD???

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Mar 12, 2002
So I just pulled one of my HP LA2405wg out of storage and somehow it got a few decent size scratches on the screen while it was in storage. I know of several techniques to reduce or repair damage to a glossy screen, but these are matte finish. Is there any relatively simple techniques to at least reduce the visibility of a scratch on a matte finish screen?


Jan 3, 2014
Does it have one of those "plastic" things over the screen? maybe you could remove that.


New Member
Jun 16, 2017
Another option would be not to buff the scratches away but to fill them in. (When the screen's damp, e.g. minor scratches aren't apparent...) Perhaps there's a product that you can wipe on to scratches and smooth off of everything else? Like if you could get some more anti-glare coating and could somehow fill the scratches with that.