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Repaste & Repad RX 6800 XT

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What have I done! Member
May 17, 2005
I considering a redo on my Powercolor Red Dragon RX 6800 XT thermal pads and paste. Running Superposititon the GPU temp only hits about 63C, but the Hotspot temp is 95C in Rage Mode (no other overclock). I know it's not so high that it's going to throttle, but if I decide to manually overclock at some point I can see that spread becoming a limiting factor. I watched GN & Hardware Unavailable :)LOL: ) videos on doing a tear-down, but neither video applied to my specific card & cooler. Steve mentioned that AMD reference cards use a pad on the GPU as well as the memory.

My questions are where do I find out the specific thickness of the pads before doing a disassembly & measuring them? I'm looking to improve thermals, so what are good products & where do I buy them? Finally, paste or pad on the GPU, what's your opinion?
Fujiopoly brand pads are the go to IIRC... as far as size and thickness, I'd ask Powercolor or perhaps find a block/kit for it and see what thickness the pads are for the memory.

I'd TIM the GPU unless that gap is, for some odd reason, big enough to use a pad (not sure why they would do that on the core though.
I guess I'll have to ask Powercolor. I visited Ek to see their water block for my GPU...