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New Member
Oct 13, 2002
I was thinking about installing a colour LCD screen off of the s-video on my card... the unit im looking at has absolutly no software or info on how it works. Im wondering if anyone knows how a unit like this would work. I want to use it as a 2nd screen, and maby use some kind of program to display temps, frame rates, or whatever. Im wondering what kind of program i should use to do this if its even possible. Do i need a 2nd vid card to pull this off??

no. depending on the size, you could get a g4 and set it to dual monitor, using the lcd as the 2nd and turn off the "window spread" or sumtin like that so the windows don't cross into the two screens. Make a batch file or somthing to run mbm dashboard on the lcd at boot-up maybe?? that would be sweet, I wight incorporate this into my 17-inch-lcd-in-the-case mod. :D:cool:...maybe a small 3" at the bottom somewhere...or maybe a...OOH...sweet...maybe an old cd drive(without auto retract) oriented up, so when it opens the tray slides out of the top and the screen is on it...:D;) :rolleyes: oh yeah...thanks for the kick in the brain man.

edit: That is a mod anyone would appreciate...even my girlfriend. :eek:

Im wondering if there is an easy way to run wire to components mounted on a front door. It would take up 2 drive bays if mounted on the front, but if i could incorperate it into the door, that would be sooo much better.