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Replaced My Raid0 with a Raptor

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Senior Member
Jan 10, 2001
I just recently got a raptor to replace my Windows raid array.I had two raid0 arrays using the pci bus so as you can imagine I was fully saturating the bus.One array held the OS and the other all my programs including BF2.It was fairly quick in most ways that count but whichever array held the OS was a little slower then the programs array.Ripping DVD files to either array or erasing them it would sustain 95 mbs.I reasoned that a Raptor on it's own bus would speed some things up,like loading the OS or BF2.Wrong!

I am very underwhelmed by the difference of either.The Raptors quickness of access is very noticeable when opening an app or game but the actual loading is still the same.I only see three loading bars on the XP loading screen using the Raptor compared to six or seven with the array but the time to a usable desktop is the same.From pushing the button to loaded desktop including messenger signing in is 80 seconds for the array and 78 for the raptor but the extra bios array for raid0 added 3 seconds.

Bf2 seems to be the same,it literally jumps up instantly but still loads up in the same time.Loading a map in the game is different.The array begins slowly but takes two jumps to 50 and 75 percent while the raptor loads evenly across the bar taking longer, but seems to load client data quicker.Both are there before the timer counts to 0 but the difference is not at all noticeable.The most noticeable differences are not in favor of the Raptor.Defraging is much slower as are running Ad aware and virus scans,even though the data size is the same.

I wish I had timed more things but I thought that I could see a seat of the pants difference.The Raptor versus the Raid0 array for me is settled.They are so close that I cannot tell much difference between them,but for the money I will have to favor an array.For the same money I could have a three drive sata raid0 array.Anyone know of a socket a mobo that has a four port sata array on-board?


Jun 24, 2001
in the garage
IMO your Barton is holding your system back, I've upgraded twice since my 2500+ Barton, first to A64(3000+ winnie) then to X2. Not to say that the difference between RAID and a raptor isn't negligable, but Socket A is probably putting a damper on your load times compared to a 64bit setup and a new graphics card.