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Replacing a Pentium II slot 1?

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Mar 27, 2002
Hi. I just got a new Penntium II 300MHz processor for my computer, and I am trying to install it. When I opened the package, I realized that it didn't come with a heat sync & fan. I didn't even realise that I needed something like that until just recently. (I was hoping to just plug it en). Anyway, what I was wanting to know washcan I use the old fan on it and has anybody here done it and have some advice or tips?

I already got some lighter flude to help clean off the old fan and I'm going to get some silver thermal compound from radio shack.


Well personally I would go out to a computer shop and purchase an old P-II fan and heatsink combo for about $5-10.00... There are plenty of those old heatsinks still around and some of them have never even been used. By the way that 300mhz P-II should be able to handle 450mhz pretty easily withought any modifications. set the multiplyer to 4.5 and the fsb to 100mhz and presto a 450 mhz P-II.

Good Luck, and have fun!

I made the switch this afternoon. The whole process took me about four hours! Once I figured out how to get the old processor out, the fan was attached by 4 Allen screws (not something I have laying around in my tool box). It took us about three hours to find the right size, and we wound up stripping one of the screws trying to remove them. Then we had to bore it out with a drill to get the fan off. Once we finished all that crap, I installed the processor and it seems to be working fine. Although, I really can't tell if it made all that much of a difference yet.


It was a 233. The reason I upgraded was because my old processor wasn't fast enough to run DVDs. When I got it installed, that's the first thing I tried, but the ATI program still seems to be crashing. Maybe it's something else. I'm going to try reinstalling Windows...


Hehe, well, I was trying to get by on the bare minimum. 300 was the highest my motherboard would go, so that's what I got. Any more, and I was looking at buying more than just a processor, and I didn't want to do that at the time.

It turns out I'll be building my own computer in a few weeks anyway, but this was good experience. :)