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Replacing CPU

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Jul 12, 2002
This is my first time replacing a CPU without doing a brand new build. Just wondering in what order to do the following...

Install CPU, Update Chipset driver, Update BIOS

I'm thinking it should be CPU, BIOS, Chipset?

Changing from my 7-3700x to a 9-5900x

I'd actually say update BIOS first, then CPU. Chipset maybe.

Latest BIOS would give the best CPU compatibility, doing that first would give the system the better chance of booting.

Chipset update? I haven't heard of it impacting a CPU upgrade, but can't hurt so do that last.
Update BIOS to the latest (if you need to...the CPU may already be compatible...you should anyway).

Install CPU


I also don't really worry about a chipset driver, but it couldn't hurt.
Update, update, update. Then install CPU.

If the BIOS needs to be updated for the CPU to work, installing the CPU does little good for you. Update the BIOS as the very first thing.
We could debate about the chipset drivers but I would update everything before changing hardware. Make sure those updates work before you swap the CPU.

Once you are sure that your system is happy, then swap CPU.