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Replacing Enermax fans

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Nov 7, 2001
I have a 550 Enermax PS... i got rid of my 350W FC model because the fan was not spinning fast enough... and this one is a little better but not by much... its still spinning at ~1500RPM... which is too slow for me. Would it do any harm if i replace the two fans inside with Panaflos? How would I wire it in since the fans inside use different connectors? Thanks.:)
I think enermax uses thermally controlled fans. As the comp gets hotter, they spin faster. I know some have this, and some don't(Depends on the model). If you want to speed them up just find the thermistor and cut it off, then they will spin at full speed.
mx-6* said:
Yep, and remember to get an Antec or PC Power & Cooling next time. :D

Why does he have to get one of those brands? The Enermax are just as good. That doesnt help him any.

Cutting offf the probe(?) and connecting the 2 wires will make them spin at full speed. I did that to one of my Enermax case fans but I haven' t done it to my psu yet.
In Antec PSUs there is a small circuit board with the fan control circuitry on it. It lies between the 12v fan header on the main board and the fan and it has the same 12v plug and socket on it as the fan and main board. You can just unplug it from the main board and the fan from it, then plug the fan directly into the main board. The fan wire is long enough to do this without a problem.

I haven't modded my EG651 Enermax at all because my case (Antec SX10xx) has awesome cooling in it's own right and the thermally controlled fans work fine. I'd be willing to bet that the Enermax PSUs use a very similar speed control method and that you could do what I described above to them.

Alternatively you could do what William said and fake out the circuit by closing the thermistor connection. You don't even have to clip it off. You can just wrap it's legs with some wire and it'll do the same thing.