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Replacing fans on H100i

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May 5, 2017
Hello folks, I'm new to building and kind of ran into a snag with my build. I have the H100i v2 and want to replace the stock fans with the Thermaltake Riing rgb ones. I have 6 fans total, all Riing ones, and was wondering how I should set them up? The fans come with a 3 fan hub which you use to control the speed and leds but what do I do about the connector on the AIO? Would I just ignore those cables and use both fan hubs and route them to the cpu fan header and chassis fan header? Here is a close up of my motherboard, its an ASRock itx one: . And for reference, here is the build I am emulating fan and cooler wise:
Corsair does make RGB fans. It would be worth plugging them in to the Corsair control unit and seeing if CorsairLink would allow you to control them that way.
If they fit in the corsair headers use them, you can control the speed through the corsair software or if you don't have it on USB the pump will adjust the speed automatically as the cpu temp rises

nvm, just use the 2 controller boxes that came with the fans, ignore fan headers on the h100i

The ones that corsair makes, separates the wires, it has standard 3 pin fan connectors and the rgb is controlled through a different wire connected to a controller box

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