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Replacing PSU fans

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Sep 12, 2001
Ft. Worth, TX
I want to replace the 92 mm and 80 mm Globe Win fans that are in my PSU with an 80 mm Sunon and a Dynaeon 92 mm fan. But both of these only come with the standard 4 pin connecotor and the 3 pin connectors. The fans in my PSU however, only use 2 pins. How can I install the two new fans? Do I have to cut the wire for the old fan and the new ones and then connect the 2 pin connector with the new fans? Is there an easier way??
the new replacement fans really only use 2 wires also. The 3-pin fan has an extra wire for RPM monitoring, and the fan with the 4-pin molex has 2 extras- an extra ground, and a +5V line.

All you've got to do is figure out which is the +12V wire and which is the ground wire for each fan, and hook them up to where the PSU's current fans are hooked to. You will have to do some wire splicing, but's it's pretty easy- the hard part is figuring out which wire is which.

The good thing is that if you hook up something wrong, it won't get hurt, it just won't work. 12V systems are very forgiving to tinkerers:)