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Replacing ribbon cable on Audigy2 live drive

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No, I showered
Feb 27, 2002
Nashville, TN
Okay, I've got a chance to purchase an Audigy 2 Platinum straight from Creative for roughly $120-130. I know that's quite a good price considering that newegg's got it for $160.

Okay, but the flat ribbon cable going to the live drive really doesn't do it for me. Especially since I'll be replacing all my other cables with UV reactive rounded ones.

I heard once before that you could replace the cable on the Audigy with a standard IDE cable and it would work fine. I was looking at the pictures of the Audigy 2, but unless I miss something, there's only 32 pins, not 40.

Also, I emailed Creative support on this and they told me that it uses a different pinout and that using an IDE cable could smoke the card/drive. Has anyone actually done this and had any luck with it? Is there anything special I'll need to do. I really want the live drive, but I'm not sure I'm willing to sacrifice the theme I've got going on with the cables in my case either.


Jun 30, 2002
You could try running the cable under your mobo and then up to the card from the bottom of the case. This is what i did and it came out pretty nice I can barely even see the ribbon by looking into my window.

Just make sure you are carefull when screwing your mobo back into its spot would not want to accidently rupture the ribbon.