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Resolution problems, plz help!!!

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Apr 5, 2001
Wichita Falls, Texas
Hiyas folks,
I have a radeon 9700 Pro, and a 53" widescreen HDTV. I am trying to run the TV from my graphics card, and am getting bad results. The tv is chopping off the top and bottom of the desktop. I need to know how to set up a resolution that will be usable on my television. 16X9 is preferable, as I don't wanna have to stare at grey on the sides. I have tried Rage3d Tweak, as well as powerstrip. Thanks for any help you can offer me. P.S. I read somewhere that you can buy a DVI to Component output adapter, will this help me at all? I know that this should improve picture quality. Thanks again...
I dont know of any way except using Powerstrip. I know it will let you setup custom resolutions, but...

As I understand it, the video signal needs to inform the display screen that the image is to be displayed in a 16:9 format, and not the standard 4:3. But since your TV is chopping the top and bottom, then setting up a custom resolution sould result in a good image.
I've tried setting up a custom resolution. The problem with that is, it's still not fitting the entire TV. You see, I am running the tv as an extension of my desktop. When I set up the custom resolution, it still leaves grey on the sides, and still chops the image. Should I get a DVI to RGB converter. This would keep the image to "true" digital according to one of my friends. I think ATI has the worst customer support I have ever experienced in my life, bar microsoft. I paid 342$ for this graphics card, and to get support, I have to register it, then pay a 1.95$ per minute fee just to talk to another human being. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me, but who am I but a mere profit to them right? Thanks for the input, please give me some help if you can.
Maybe its chopping the image because you are using it as an extension instead of its own screen. Have you tried just using the HDTV as the main screen with the custom resolution? If that works properly, then it may be that the card just can't do 16:9 correctly as a extension.
Good point, I'll give that a shot tonight. As for the budget comment, I work hard for everything I have. I got into a car wreck, and got a 10,000$ settlement for getting my back broken by a drunk driver, so thats how I could afford the television. :)