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Restarts on its own ? HELP?

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New Member
Feb 21, 2001
This started out when I used a Jetway 663AS pro.
I haven't OC it. No pencil tricks, Tryed different PSU Different Ram, Different bios settings even updated it.
It seems to restart the most when I open outlook. Some what like its running out of memory for all my big programs. Benchmarked it ran varios other cpu testing programs. They all checked OK.

I'm running a

Jetway 663as pro
128 mb ram
30 gig hd
Athlon 800
Rage mag. 128 32mb
300 watt PSU

Any suggestions. The Cpu runns about 104f
sounds like ACPI functions or just a bad mobo. Try updating ACPI drivers from VIA. Otherwise get a new mobo.
first guess is to try the operating system .... if it is a win9x system you can download a shutdown supplement might help you out .... if you are running an NT system try the service packs ... you can find these at the microsoft site (or 'windows update' ... found under the start menu last item at the top) ... sorry but i haven't run across this problem in a unix based system
I had a problem like that and it turned out to be the power supply. I now have a Enermax 350 watt. My old one was a 250. At least it hasn't happened since then.