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Results of running Prime95 stress test has me questioning the intelligence to OC

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Jan 27, 2017
Hi, long time lurker, first time poster.

I have been reading about OC'ing and unlocking cores for the past few days, and was starting to think it was time I try it myself as I feel like my CPU holds me back.
Before I tried anything however, I recently downloaded and ran the Prime95 stress test as recommended all over, and the temperatures I got was alarmingly high IMO.
I ran it for about 2 hours, and the ambient house temperature is around 68 degrees.
This was my stock setup I ran, I haven't done any modifying yet.

The CPU reached a max temp of 75, with an average of 72.
The Core reached a max temp of 72, with an average of 68.
Right now, idling while writing this they are at 40 and 30, respectively.

Obviously I felt with default temperatures like this that it would be the height of idiocy to try unlocking the 4th core or overclocking IMO.
I have at least 3 fans in the case and the CPU fan never even ran as fast as it can, it stayed around 3400-3500RPM. I've known it to go into the 5000range previously. Its idling at 3184RPM.

So, I'm posting here in the hopes that those out there have some suggestions or things to look at to see why my system runs so hot at default.

Thank you, this is my system info below.

OS: Windows XP SP3 32Bit


Manufacturer: AsRock
Model: M3A770DE
Chipset: AMD 770 Rev.00
Southbridge: AMD SB700 Rev.00
LPCIO: Wnbond W83627DHG-P


Brand: American Megatrends Inc.
Version: P1.80
Date: 08/25/2011

Name: AMD Athlon II X3 445
Code Name: Rana
Max TDP: 95W
Package: Socket AM3 (938)
Technology: 45nm
Core Voltage: 1.368V
Specification: AMD Athlon(tm) II X3 445 Processor
Family: F Model: 5 Stepping: 3
Ext. Family: 10 Ext. Model: 5 Revision: BL-C3
Speed: 3.09GHz

Type: DDR3 Dual Channel
Size: 4GB
NB Frequency: 1995.6Mhz

Module Size: 2048 Mbytes
Max Bandwidth: Pc3-10700 (667Mhz)
Manufacturer: G.Skill
part Number: F3-10600CL9-2GBNT

Graphic Card

Name: Radeon HD 6850
Code Name: Barts
Technology: 40nm
Clock Core: 820 Mhz
Clock Memory: 1100 Mhz
memory Size: 1024 Mbytes
Type: GDDR5

Stock Clock: 775mhz - max 940
Stock Memory: 1000mhz, 1ghz

Power Supply
Seasonic S12 II Bronze 520W, ATX12V

WD 500GB 7200RPM SATA 3 Gb/s 16MB 3.5 INCH DRIVE

ViewSonic VX2253 Series
Welcome to OCF LunarBob! A few questions for you then a few links and suggestions.

First, what is this rig used for? The AM3 platform is old and tired. I'm not saying it's not still capable but the newer stuff is leaps and bounds better. To say you CPU is holding you back isn't even covering first base. 1333Mhz ram is slow by comparison and even the 6850 GPU is quite dated. Again depending on the use for this system it may still be ok but that's only if its basically a web surfer. You did hit a homerun on the PSU though. Great unit and still very capable today assuming it hasn't exceeded it's life expectancy.

Here is a very good read by Silver Surfer about cooling and Overclocking. I think you'll find it educational and may explain a little more into what Kenrou is correctly suggesting.

Before you buy anything for this system though, that motherboard that you have is not a good candidate for overclocking, it was not made for it. Can it do it? Yes, but it's not really cut out for it. The lack of VRM cooling and a light weight 4+1 Power phase means even if you do get the CPU temps under control your board will get very hot under the stress of extra voltage with out the ability to dissipate the added heat.

Finally, If this build is used for gaming (90+% of the OC questions are) then I'm afraid it's probably time for an upgrade. If this is something you just want to do for fun like most of us really then I say go for it. You can still pick up AM3 parts relatively cheap. I would suggest grabbing a better motherboard and CPU cooler. Then you will have a better foundation for your new found hobby. Be warned tough, it is very addictive and you run the risk of wanting to OC everything in you house. Yes, you can OC your Phone, Tablet, Silver Pharaoh even OC'd his Playstation.
Ya it's never really a good idea to overclock with a stock cooler. That motherboard's vrm's are going to run hot overclocking. Really the whole thing is going to run hot and one hot component and heat other components up. And AMD runs hot but TBH seriously. Running Prime 95 and expecting temps lower than 70c in absolute Dream Land. With water cooling on a brand new Intel chip at Default settings you're gonna hit 70c Stress Testing. At least very close anyway but ya, I idle at 22-28c and hit max temps of 70-75c stress testing with an AIO water cooler at 1.328v..........in the 80's running the latest P95. That's normal.
AMD runs COOLER than Intel. They are using more power, but run cooler. ;)

You don't want to have modern AMD cpus to go over 55-60c.
Prime95 wont hit AMD nowhere near as hard as Intel as they only use SSE on older chips (equivalent to P95 26.6), so you're free to use the latest version. As Blaylock said the motherboard is also an issue IF you plan to overclock and unlock the 4th core, maybe you could get away with just unlocking. Keep in mind that the max temp rated for that CPU is 75c so i would hold off experimenting again until you swap parts or manage to lower voltage (1.37v seems high for stock speed).
Most likely a severe case of AUTO, hence trying to lower vcore, i had a x3 435 a few years back and was running stock at 1.21v. I googled that page before my 2nd post and thought about linking it but wouldn't really help sadly (and it didn't) :(
Thanks everyone for such fast and helpful replies.

First, a little additional information and clarification as requested. I hear you that the motherboard is kind of sub par, problem is, my income doesn't exactly allow for getting a new one.
The last money I saved up I used to order more RAM and I am going to buy Windows 10 as well, XP has outlived itself at 32bit.

My case is a Rosewill Challenger ATX mid-tower case.

I have en-route to me by amazon, Ballistix Sport 16GB Kit (4GBx4) DDR3 1600 MT/s (PC3-12800) CL9 @1.5V UDIMM 240-Pin Memory BLS4KIT4G3D1609DS1S00. The maximum RAM my MoBo can handle, and reviews praise it highly.
Also, I ordered, DeepCool 12cm Fan CPU Cooler Heatsink quiet for Intel LGA775/1156/1155 AMD FM2/AM2 2+/AM3. To replace my stock fan, I too had a feeling it was of low quality.

What I use this computer for is, anything. I surf the web, could have use of various word document programs, and gaming. Yes, gaming would be the big thing however, and the reason for wanting better cpu speed.
Hopefully didn't mislead anyone, but, this is not a new system or setup. I have had this rig for years and years, but never seriously thought about trying this stuff until recently. Usually it was just upgrading the video card would be sufficient when things felt lacking.

About the stock Vcore, should that be something I should think about lowering a bit, or is it assumed that my particular processor needs at least that to function properly?
Each CPU is different so we can't give you an exact figure, but you can try lowering it by 0,005v/0,01v, stress test, rinse and repeat until is crashes (reverse overclock) then raising by 0,01v to be stable enough for your needs. Less voltage = less temperature.

Better cooling of at least the CM212x is preferable though, less messing around in system settings and more results.
ok thanks for the replies. There's nothing wrong with gaming on that system and can still be capable though not elite. Not a big deal. You don't necessarily need to replace the motherboard, just understand that it will holed you back on your overclock. The Challenger is a decent case and the 16 Gb @ 1600 will certainly be an improvement. I would however recommend the Cooler Master 212+ CPU cooler over the Deepcool if you can get it. If not the Deepcool will probably be ok for a mild OC and definitely better than the stock cooler.

The Vcore will be adjusted according to what ever the CPU needs for a particular clock. As you bum the speed up you will reach a point that the volts will need to go up too in order to maintain stability. You're limiting factors will be voltage the board can safely produce and the cooling the CPU cooler can handle. The trick is to find the sweet spot. We can post links to help you get there. Personally I would unlock the 4th core and then start rather than OC then try to unlock. That will give you your most gain from this system.
Does OP ever actually say he is using a stock OEM cooler?

And what case is he using? Does he have room for a bigger cooler?
...My case is a Rosewill Challenger ATX mid-tower case....To replace my stock fan, I too had a feeling it was of low quality...

Yes he has. His case lists a 160mm Cooler clearance. Again, just to re-emphasise the Cooler Master 212+ or 212x will be a much better cooler if you can get it where you are.
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I hear and acknowledge the recommendation for the coolermaster212, Blaylock, but I'm locked in to the Deepcool choice now. I think I was looking at that or a similar cooler at first, but ended choosing the other. For a few reasons.
Firstly, the installation of the coolermaster sounds a bit more involved than the Deepcool. Deepcool sounds like it just gets placed on and then the clasp is pushed in, but coolermaster has mountings and possible motherboard manipulation. Then there is also that my orders already on delivery, and was slightly cheaper, but mostly it was not trusting myself 100% to do things properly physically.

I think I've reached the end of where I can go at this point. Within the week I should have my new items, and hopefully Win10 will install and run well. I'll be sure to clean out the computer then too, blowing out dust and dirt of which I'm sure there is a good bit in there. If after that, I have things running better and cooler, then I believe it would be time to re-open this idea and try to unlock my fourth core. Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it.

Actually, one last thing. Will my power supply have enough Watts to run stable if I do unlock a 4th core? Some power calculators I try tell me my setup needs something like 600W, and others say in the 300W range. If the 600W was correct, then theoretically it shouldn't even be working now I believe, so I'm not sure what to follow in that area.

This board needs active cooling on the mosfets being there are no heat sinks. And the board is basically lower to middle class for any kind of overclocking. AsRock in this time era was not #1 to go with but more like #3 in choice listing Asus, Gigabyte, then AsRock all others under this list just meh really in comparison.

The board I had was M4A79T deluxe from Asus. Very good for overclocking with.

2 things you need. Good cooling and Good power delivery. Both you currently don't have.

I suggest an AIO kit with at least 120.2 radiator and a 650W PSU to make your overclocking experience enjoyable.

Oh and unlocking should gain you performance with that L3 cache. Some chips could unlock L3 and maintain the core count to help TDP levels.
Get more quality PSU instead of noname Chinese 1000w for lets say 30$. Far as I can tell 500w is all you need regarding power but be sure that it is quality one Corsair etc. Depending where you live sometimes you can find decent PSU-s cheaply.
If you want to upgrade your cpu try to find on Ebay or local sites if you can find cheap. Those chips are not suppose to be expensive now
I think his PSU should have no problem covering his system power draw. Cheap motherboard and inadequate CPU cooling are more likely the issues here.

Exceeding the stable frequency of his memory, HT Link and CPU/NB is also likely since with that CPU you would have to use the FSB to overclock. Lunarbob, you need to start out by lowering the starting frequencies of your RAM, HT Link and CPU/NB. Those frequencies are tied to the FSB and rise along with it and will cause instability. Lower them to start with to create some headroom.
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I've just finished taking my computer apart and cleaning it, and installing the new cpu cooler.

When I test ran Prime95 stress test for a few hours, the temps of the cpu was average 46C, and the core was 37C.

Things seem to be running well so far, so I'll be installing Win10 tomorrow, then I'll look into unlocking.

I remember reading somewhere that you can tell if your processor can unlock, or at least a higher chance, by what its number is.
If anyone knows how to answer that, please let me know. Thank you.

My processors numbers are.

It's not always about the processor number but luck of the draw in most cases.

Some motherboards don't like to unlock cpus and others will....... Again luck if you want to call it that.