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reverse blower thought

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Oct 24, 2003
well, I've read couple of reviews on this Evercool PC air conditioner and they all saying that this thing can really move 100CFM amount of air at 23db.


The down side to it is that it only exhausts the air and blows it straight down at the front feet of the case (which is where I have my lower front intake sucking air in). Or I believe that I can turn it around to make it blow straight up (into my face? :D)

I was thinking that if I can cut and rewire the connection so that it'll suck in as an intake instead. Or I could built an H-Bridge circuit + switch to make it bidirectional? I don't know if the bidrectional idea would work since I don't have a clue to how these blades of the blower line up. They may spin in the other direction but won't blow as much air as the other. :confused: :bang head

Here's the pic:

Upside down -> see the DC motor?

another view at the DC motor

I might have to do some cutting in order to rewire them.

Bottom view of the exhaust

Anyone with similar experience? Or perhap there is a product like this but bidirectional?


Oct 24, 2003
I'm feeling evil ;) about how I could Clip this sucker on my SLK947U after I looked at its spec and dimesion and have it blowing air on it without any deadspot while sucking air from my top 120mm Intake :attn:

Outline Dimension : 82x80x67.2mm ****
Fan Dimension : 80x80x25 mm
Rated Voltage : 12 V
Current : 0.07A ~ 0.13A
Fan Speed : 1100 ~ 3000 rpm
Air Flow : 53.2 ~ 100 CFM
Noise: Lo< 21 , HI<23dBA