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Review for volcano ii ?

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I havent seen one but I just installed one on my 1.1 tbird lapped and polished with artic It isnt enough I am running at 40c idle I will be shopping for a new one
Some Good Advice - DO NOT BUY ONE.

I don't have one, I haven't even seen one. But what I have read from verious sources suggests that that this is a very poor unit.

Too many people buy Thermaltake products because they look nice and they have silly names.

Buy a Globalwin FOP32, they're ugly, loud, the name doesn't sound that good, but applied correctly they do a wonderful job.

Remember when lapping that a mirror like finish is the only acceptable condition of the base of your heatsink.

Remember when applying thermal paste that a razor blade scapes worth is more than sufficient. If any person ever has to buy more than one tube for their own personal use - there is something really really wrong.
How about keeping your opinions to yourself till you actually have a viable source for it? I just bought a Volcano II a couple weeks ago, and it is ALL that it's cracked up to be. Quiet, efficient, cheap ... I'd put it up against any HSF out there. Buy one!! At $12.50, they're almost a throwaway item.

So please stop misleading members with your unfounded opinions. Obviously you've never even seen one, since you mentioned how they look ... They look just like any other HSF, for chrissakes. Pretty? No. Quiet? YES! Good? HELL YES!!