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Rheostat and case fans need help again...

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Aug 7, 2002
Power consumption and rheostat newb here....

I bought three 5 watts 100 ohm rheostats (one for my 120 mm watercooling setup)

How many 80 mm case fans could i hook up to one rheostat ?
I know the power consumption of 3 of the fans they are Antec, one is rated at .225 amps, the other 2 at .14 amps, the other one i don't know the amp rating, it came with my Chieftec full tower clear fan, It's a "Turbo Cool sleeve bearing fan"
i'll have to stop the computer and look. LEt's just say it's .225 amps for now.

I have zero knowdledge on amps and their relation to power consumption so i am assuming one would just add up all the fans to get total power consumption ?

So this would mean all the fans on the same rheostat would be drawing : .730 amps ? so would the 5 watt 100 ohm rheostat be able to handle all the case fans, and if someone could be so king as to explain to me the relationship between all of this it would be most appreciated.

Thx guys.
Amps X Volts = Watts

.225A X 12V = 2.7Watts
.14A X 12 V = 1.68Watts

As I understand it, a 5 Watt rheostat is good for handling 5 Watts of power, so just add up the watts!

I have gone above the rating on my rheostat, the only problem was that it got pretty hot...