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Rheostat on a Peltier ????

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May 24, 2001
NY where the cows out number the people
I just finished reading an article on a Variable PC Peltier Controller and like always got me thinking about how I could rig up something similar for less money. The unit works by continueously switching the voltage to the peltier so that your cpu remains at a constant temp. I thought it was a cool idea.

I'm wondering what would happen if you hooked a rheostat up to your peltier? I know allready that you won't be able to get a constant changing of voltage but you could gain the ability to get your cpu temps closer to your deisred temp. just by changing the peltier voltage. With a thermal probe in place you could watch your cpu temps and do some "on the fly" changes to the peltier. If I get bored at work maby I'll try messing arround with a test setup to see what happens.

Any addes ideas are needed as I havn't started yet and right now this is just a pipe dream. (It's only 10:30am and I havn't had my frankenberry cerial yet) Do You guys and gals think this is something worth while ? Would there be any side effects ? That's my biggest fear right now is some wacko side affect. Let me know.
That would be one huge rheostat. A better choice would be a PSU with variable output.
Most all power supplies have a trimmer for the voltage out. You could remove the trimmer from the psu and hook up an external pot to control it. The external control and a voltage meter would make for a nice case mod.
Here's some more info to chew on. I found the specs for my peltier. 85W 10A 15.5vmax So....Is there a rheostat out there that can take that many volts and at that amperage??? And where could I find one if they exist, NASA scrap pile maybe???

Word to the wise don't ask questions at radio shack where I live...those kids need to go back to high school. Geezzz kid handed me a 3amp 25 ohm rheostat and said that should do it. LOL I know better. He just wanted to see the mystical blue smoke form my rheostat burning up.