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Riddle Me This...

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Jun 12, 2001
I move to often to say for sure :)
I put on my new Taisol hsf a couple days ago. I have no complaints, this thing is nice. Idle 28C. However, my full load temp seems to be changing. At first, it was around 45. But it has gone up by 1 every couple days. It seems to have leveled off at 48 now. Why would it do this? I'm using a taisol 742092 and heat sink compound from the shack. I also have 2 80mm fans, one in one out. Any ideas?
PC room temperature variations? Possible
Grease already drying up? Unlikely
Clip retainer too weak (hsf sagging on one side)? Unlikely
Dust intrusion? Too soon
Sunspots? ;D
Has it been running all this time and residual heat build-up?
All of the above?
None of the above?

Hmm. 'Fraid that this mysterioso temp sitch is normal. I suggest that you increase the volume of air that's flowing through your case. One 80mm in and one 80mm out just hain't enough for a T-Bird rig.