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Rioworks PDVIA

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Jan 14, 2002
Hey all,

I have a the Rioworks PDVIA dual board running just one proc in CPU 0. It's a P3 700 @ 721 right now, with 100mhz fsb. When i change the jumpers to force the fsb to 133, it won't boot. The CPU fan won't even turn on. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
You need more core voltage, but you can't adjust with the PDVIA. I had dual FCPGA PIII 700s running at 933 MHz in my old RioWorks PDVIA. They were mounted in Asus S370-DL slotkets which allowed me to up the cores to 1.8V. The CPUs would actually run at 980 MHz (140 MHz FSB) but there wasn't enough clearance between the slots to get a big enough heatsink installed for CPU1. The board was quite stable at 933 MHz though and ran nice. Without a slotket setup, you won't O/C very far with that board. But why did you set the jumpers for 133 MHz, why not just try the BIOS settings and see if it'll go past 112 MHz. I believe there were at least settings for 124 MHz and 129 MHz you could try.

BTW, if you don't have it, there's a utility over a VIA Hardware that invokes memory bank interleaving for better performance. Here's a link:


Thanks for the Link.. I'll be sure to check that out. The only two clock settings while under 100mhz fsb for me are the default, 103, and 112 or something like that. This also ups the PCI speed too. at 721, i'm rock solid, but at 784, I think my PCI cards start wacking out on me. That's alright. This computer will be turned into a fileserver/seticruncher soon enough. I'm looking at getting an XP. :-D