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Ripped off, what is this nvidia card

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Mar 29, 2002
I bought a visiontek geforce4 ti4600 from Amazon.com. The box was the correct box. It was shrink wrapped. The bill was correct. The included cd's were correct. But I started to notice that things were not correct, however.

There was no mention of the VIVO cable and when I looked there was no jack for it anyway. Booting showed it had 64mb of memory, not the 128 is should have had. The adapter properties labeled it as a "GeForce DDR" with 64mb memory. I took the card out to look at it and is not a ti4600. Visiontek is not mentioned on the card, nor is any other manufacturer, except for nVidia on the back and MEI on the fan. I'm trying to figure out what kind of card it is; the closest appears to be Leadtek Geforce2 MX.

I'm ****ed. I want to know what I have before I become unglued at Amazon for ripping me off. Here's a scanned image of the card.

Does anyone know which nvidia card this is?
The part number at the bottom reads 0004057X-44571-02L-0452.
Hey, welcome to the overclockers forums...wish it was on a better note. If you fix the picture then I can try to help you out. This sounds like some seriously foul $h!t and if the worst of what you say is true then I too am....:mad:
Pop off the HSF and look at what the gpu says on it... or run a diagnostic program such as wcpuid, it should tell you the video chipset you have.
out of curiousity, what if they did a swaparooney on him and ended up with a gf2mx?

can he contest that thru his credit card company?


i also remember reading a thread where one dude got ripped off at bestbuy, ending up with a lowend card instead of a gf4.
The box that is came in was the correct box. It was a red box for a VisonTek Geforce4 TI4600. I doubled checked the box before I opened it to make sure it was correct. The box was even shrink wrapped. The card said nvidia on the back, but as you can see there was no other marks indicating what it. Wcpuid indicates that it's a geforce 256 ddr, but I don't know the manufacturer. A search on Yahoo showed only Leadtek and Asus cards and neither of those cards looks like this one.

I will be contesting this by my credit card. The problem is that I also used an Amazon $250 gift so onlt $130 is on the CC. Damn.
Since I thought I had the right card, I threw the box away last week.
Benchmark it. If the numbers don't look correct do some more research!!
well just to let you know that is NOT a visiontek geforce 4 ti4600, i own one myself and it looks nothing like that, the memory is in the incorrect spots and the hsf is completely different here is a link to a picture of what it really looks like http://www.3dgpu.com/reviews/x4600/xtasy4600.jpg
i would have to say something very strange either happened at visiontek during the boxing process..i would ship it back to amazon and demand a refund/replacement asap..
it is definitely possible that a switch can happen...its not too hard to get access to a shrink wrapping machine...every blockbuster has one as well as many other stores

What you need to do is install the latest nvidia drivers as well as the latest version of directX then from the Run program box type dxdiag and go to the display tab and it will tell you all you need to know...looks like this
omg this is a *****.... call up amazon and have a talk with them as its easyer to explain through phone then email also i hope they dont think u are trying to bust out a switch on them :eek: