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RMA KK266(ver1.1) SAME PROBLEM!!!!

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Mar 1, 2001
Just received my KK266(1.1) replacement. Same problem; T-Bird 750 comes up 700.

On original board CPU was locked(thought it was my problem with bridges so I undid them but no help).
The original board would OC using FSB and vcore; best I could do was [email protected](7x125=875) verified with SiSoft and WCPUID. FSB @ 130 windows would not load.

On to the RMA board(ver1.1 and used). Unlocked the processor with defogger and damm thing boots to 700 under default. Clear CMOS and upon boot I'm told the processor has changed and to enter Bios and save changes; enter bios change to 7.5 and save. Reboots to 700!!!!

Time to see how multiplier behaves. Well it behaves half way. No 0.5 increments are recognized. Set at 6.0 and yields 600; 6.5 yields 600; 7.0 yields 700; 7.5 yields 700; 8.5 yields 800 and 9.5 yields 900. All values(except 9.5) were comfirmed using WCPUID.

All above data taken at 100FSB and default Vcore.

As I write this I am sure that I could load windows at 9.0. At 9.5 I do remember that windows would not load and I could not confirm a 900 value(WCPUID) with multiplier set at 9.5 and vcore at 1.875. That seems strange that 9.5 would not load windows if everything was identical to the 9.0 event unless the vcore change messed me up. Will ck this.

Any ideas about the missing 0.5 multiplier increments?

Just checked boot at 9.0 and 9.5. At 9.0 and default vcore; windows would not laod. Set vcore = 1.85 and everything ok. At 9.5 also ok. Can't account for this difference vs this morning. At 9.5 Iwill screen shows CPU at 900 and verified with both WCPUID and SiSoft.

The missing half-integer multiplier mystery!
OK; tore down the system(erghhh) and transferred CPU/Hsf, mem(Crucial PC133, 128Mb,cas2) and video card to original MB. Same issues; multiplier will not initiate 0.5 increments and always defaults to the lower multiplier in the range of 6.5-9.5. Beginning to think this is not MB related; two boards identical behavior and, to my knowledge, no one else has reported anything similiar.

Vidoe card?, mem?, IMHO not likely. That leaves the CPU.

I sure would appreciate some feedback!

Thanks in advance!
Hey I dont know if this will help but mine was doing something like that but just wouldnt post at 950,1050 etc but would post at 1000,1100 ,etc and all it was is that I didnt have one of my bridges unlocked ,who 'd of thought ,worth a second look ,hope this helps
Thanks wildone; I guess i will tear this down again and redo the bridges. Only concern is experience with LOCKED CPU which would not post at 750.

Thanks again!
I had the same problem. Couldn't use the .05 increments or anything above 9.0. I used conductive ink to connect my bridges looked at them under a magnifying glass and thought it looked good (it wasn't). I pulled it out redid it with more ink and I haven't had a problem since. Hope this helps.
Pencil is the first thing to look at, however, I've heard about this happening with other boards, especially the Abit.
I had that happen on the MSI K7T pro 2A, and almost expected ti with the Iwill(RMA'ed board). A preliminary check, though, and it will do the .5 increments.
Sorry havn't replied sooner; read on!

Definitely L1 bridge problem; scrubbed bridges with acetone and redid with defogger. Sys boots at 750 and all 0.5 multiplier increments are back. Set it up for prelim oc at 6x133 vcore =1.85 and gradually increased FSB to find trouble at 155. Backed off to 150(everything loads) and ran SiSoft(cpu and mem)
burnin for couple hrs and Prime95 for six hrs. Everything looks great.

Other than the 0.5 multiplier issue this sys has been running great. Now that issue is resolved I decide to get new CD-Rom so I can get the one I am using back in the old sys, rebuild and sent to my sister.

Last Sunday get the CD-Rom, back down multiplier, FSB and vcore to default, install CD-Rom, enable DMA and play with the sys a few hours. Test CD-Rom with SiSoft and play some CD's for a little bit. Looks great!

Unhook everthing(DSL modem, reg modem, printer, monitor, mouse, keyboard) and move the box to a spare bedroom. Rebuild the old sys and sent to my sister on Thursday.

Haul out the box and reconnect everthing and boot up. Everthing loads and get ONE mouse click. Everthing hangs, mouse pointer still moves but clicks produce nothing. Shut down restart repeatedly; same result(sometimes I'll get two -three clicks before it hangs). Using Ctrl/Alt/Del shows the software is trying to close something; also find that Mixer(software) is 'not responding'. I would try reinstalling the old CD-Rom drive except it is on its way to Florida.

Enter Safe Mode and find NIC card has problems among other things. Fix NIC problem; no help.
What I know after about six hrs of this is: Sys works great without NIC; Sys works great with NIC and OB sound disabled(C-Media also uninstalled). The sys hangs in Windows982nd when NIC and OB sound are both installed.

One conflict I can not seem to fix is in sys resources, 'SCI IRQ used for ACPI Bus'. Under Properties I get a conflict message. Under resources no conflicting devices are listed.

Any thoughts about this SCI IRQ business?

Thanks in advance, Saint
It sounds like they sent you your old board back.
Dont be suprised if they did.
Try loading the new bios kk0407.bin