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RoadWarrior to be MIA.

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Senior Member
Nov 25, 2001
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Had some bad news, my Dad is ill and I've got to go help him out. So I'm packing to go to England, and I'll be gone 6 weeks or so.

So my folding output and participation are gonna take a dive. It's possible I'll be dropping in occasionally, I'll be on diallup though. My wife's rig will be running F@H still, but if it screws up, I'm not here to fix it. Also the kids rig will churn a few genomes I expect. Mine is going to be off I think. This also shelves my router project to get my XP online and all the extra folding boxes, I was planning on (still waiting for CPUs to arrive).

So sorry guys, you've got some more slack to pick up :(
Hopefully I'll be back full steam in late January with renewed enthusiasm.

Dunno how much I'll be here the next few days, depends how much I'm getting done and how much escape I need.

Road Warrior
Although your lenghty, always interesting posts will be missed by me (and I'm sure everybody else) I'm glad you have your priorities truly in order. May your father recover with you at his side :beer:
Sorry to hear RW. I wish your dad well. Sucks that it couldn't come at a worst time than aroudn Christmas.

I wouldn't worry about Folding, I would worry about taking care of your dad and making sure that he gets the full support he needs.

Good luck to your family,

Yodums :santa:
Hope all goes well RW! Best wishes to you, your dad and your family!

Thanks guys, you're the best.

Flying Thursday night, landing Friday morning. Booked a return for 15th Jan, dunno whether I might end up trading it for something earlier or later though.

Dad's condition is improving a little, he's gonna be in hospital a while yet though.

I was researching internet access, things have improved a heck of a lot over there. I used to have to pay like $15-20 a month and 2c a minute phone charges (2c is not a lot until you figure that 2 hours surfing a night adds up to $72 a month). Now you can pay like $25 a month for unlimited access, so I might be around more often than I thought.

Road Warrior
Hope your dad is well soon roadwarrior, have a nice Christmas in England, an yeah internet here in the Uk has started to drop in price recently, you can get 600/128 cable for 25 a month.
Phew, only just got a fast enough machine going to get here. I brought a super 7 board and CPU with me, but something happened to it in transit and the BIOS got trashed (not just the code the chip as well) and I've been half arsed on the net with a 486dx33 with 8mb and a 14K modem on wfwg3.11 (barf) but the newest browsers I dare put on it could barely do anything.

There was a computer show locally last sunday and I bought a 430TX board loaded with a P200MMX and 96Mb SIMM RAM, for a cheap fix, but that didn't help me out in a hurry, since I discovered the RAM was dead (all but one 16Mb module) thankfully it has DIMM slots and one of the 32Mb modules I brought with me works in it (doesn't like two). But that wasn't the end of it, the 66Mhz bus is broken on the board, took me a while to discover that, single jumper CPU selection, P200, P166, etc didn't work, found out P150 did, so then stuck the jumper on P90, 1.5 giving 3.5 on a P-MMX, and it is running at 210 now. It's not entirely stable so I won't be running genomes on it while I am here, I think. Also only on 28K dialup, the 56K modem I brought seems dead too, I'm wondering if the Xrays at the airport did it. Anyway, nobody I know over here will want the bits, so it will come back with me and get overclocked for genomes.

Anyway, the important thing, my Dad's recovering, he came out of intensive care for the first time into a post-op ward a day ago, but he just went back in because his heartrate was up, he's a lot better than he was, trying to talk (but really croaky) but the infection just ate him up so he looks like famine victim. He was on breathing support, and about a dozen different drips at one point. Dunno how long he's going to take to be on his feet again though, he's very weak. So might extend my stay here a little longer.

thanks for all your kind words, fold on,

Road Warrior
We'll be here when you get back bro, family comes first, and i wish you and your dad best of luck, im sorry to hear it :(

Good luck,