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Rock meets hard place / new X58 mb or full upgrade?

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Nov 27, 2007
So to make a long story short my system in my sig was sold a few months ago to help pay bills at the time. However, 3 weeks ago I received a sweet deal on a dell workstation system with a blowen power supply. ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...gclid=CKr19bKGussCFY8bgQodub8B-g&gclsrc=aw.ds is a very close version, but with a firepro card instead)

I had a corsair 1000 watt power supply laying around from an unfinished project that i threw in and she booted right up. But yesterday I received a bonus from work so I went ahead and upgraded the video card to a XFX R9 390 (amazing card btw) and thats where my problem is. The case wont close because the cards heat sink is too high, no big deal even with the side off its whisper quiet, but i feel i should get a new case for it. The mb in the system is a normal atx type board just upside down so i could simply put it in another case, but the heat sink isnt designed for a normal case. It gets its air flow from the intake and then blows across into the back of the cases exaust parts. Also i can not overclock the processor (which is basically an I7 965, just a xeon version). So that means either an odd airflow setup for the pc in a new case or also a new heat sink and possibly a new mb to overclock.

Which leads me here. I am not sure if its worth it to drop cash on such an old chipset for overclocking options and better design setup (like crossfire if i wanted at some point, i dont think this system could even though it has 2 pcie slots). I am not even sure what a good mb would be for x58. And would the potential oc be worth the cash? I have been playing fallout 4 on this since i got it (granted yesterday i was able to punch it up to 1080 with graphics mods and high settings with the new card) and I do play other games like tomb raider and stuff. Any advice would be welcomed.
Well, you could get a very inexpensive yet very effective 212 EVO cooler for about $30. I have an X58 chipset board. Getting a reliable X58 MB for future use is dodgy. You could invest in a nice case that you can use later. I like Fractal Design. The 212 EVO is a solid inexpensive cooler that you could also move to a new system in the future as well. Otherwise, I would not drop any money into the X58 chipset alone.
Old Dell and HP cooling on their desktop CPUs was unique as you described, but worked very well.

If you go to a new case, you can get an aftermarket cooler...just make sure it is compatible with the socket type of the CPU.

You can also see if you can purchase the stock Intel cooler...if you are not overclocking, these work OK.
Thanks for the advice guys. I think I am going to just live with it for now, then work towards a new system. I just cant see dropping 100$ in a new x58 when i can spend the same amount for a modern motherboard for a newer processor.
That x58 board is simply outdated. Had EVGA x58 and same i7-965 cpu, was amazed at the difference when i upgraded.