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Room Temperature and computer over heating.

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May 16, 2001
Well, for the first time ever, I arrived home tonight to find my computer overheated. I shut it down right away.

Normally the room temperature in my appartment is about 25c which is about 77f. Tonight it was a brutal 35c or 96f.

I've have a p2 233 and the cpu was at 63c. It's not that hot really.

Here's the question. Is there a program that will shut down the computer if the cpu and or motherboard get too hot?

thanks. :)
there are, not sure what will do it. I believe MBM 5 will. Just put a 92mm fan on that heatsink of the P3. I have mine just sitting on it. Runs really cool with [email protected] running 24/7. I figure some Zip ties would hold it.
I know some BIOS's allow you to set a temperature at which the machine will shut down. Have you tried looking under your hardware monitor settings in BIOS?
I had the same thing happen today
mobo 36c cpu 54c....I believe the heat to be the cause of the apartment loosing power..its still over 90F and its 2AM

MBM does have the option for shutdown if the alarm is triggered...MBM will even e-mail you in the even of an alarm..very cool...all this info is in the temperature menu.
Thanks for the tips! I downloaded the motherboard monitor. I'll have a look at it tomorrow.

My place got insaneo hot because the ac unit died.

I'd hate to burn up this little machine. ehhe it's a warrior.

When I got home today, my case temp was 35 and my CPU was at 50. Scared the crap outta me but the computer was fine, just folding right along.
I finally snaped and got a decent ac unit. That should help get the temp down. :)

96f is too hot to sleep. I turned all heat producing stuff off last night. Lights, computers, atomic reactor. Everything!