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Rosie RAC Harvest - Sign Up Thread!

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Northern Senior
Apr 24, 2007
In the spirit of Fall, and all that it brings, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to "The Rosie RAC Harvest"!

You MUST register here to participate in the contest, and be eligible for the prize draw at the end. To register,
simply post in this thread using the following template:

BOINC Username:
A bit about yourself:

Please have BIONC downloaded, attached to the Rosetta Project, and running under Overclockers.com, prior to the
even start date to ensure that you are off to a running start.

To Download the BOINC manager go HERE. Any Questions? Fire me a PM.

If you want to learn a little more about the project go HERE

The event will be points based. Each member will recieve 1 entry into the draw per required amount of points crunched.
The required points per entry will be based on RAC (Recent Average Credit).

RAC <1000 ----- 3,000 pts nets you 1 entry
RAC 1000-3000 - 5,000 pts nets you 1 entry
RAC 3000-5000 - 7,000 pts nets you 1 entry
RAC 5000-7500 - 10,000 pts nets you 1 entry
RAC >7500------ 12,000 pts nets you 1 entry

Total points will be recorded at noon on Nov 15th, and again at midnight of the 30th! Points will be tallied, entries made and then randomized by random.org. The Draw will then be made on the 1st of December!
Amount of contestants drawn will be equal to the amount of prizes up for grabs, in a first drawn first choice format. Amount of prizes up for grabs will increase depending on how hard we crunch, so get at'er!

Prizes so far include:

- Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 -
Full retail package, Socket 775/DDR3. This one is tried, tested and True! In "as new" condition, and ready to go!

- Navig Benching/Test station-
Custom Built for me last year. Ask around and find out how great these things are!

- Prolimatech Megahalems-
Complete retail package with 775 and 1366 mounting + two sets each 25mm and 38mm mounting clips. Used for THIS comparison.

- Thermalright TRUE Black Original Series -
Complete retail package with 775 and 1366 mounting and two sets fan clips. Used in two comparisons 1, 2 and that's it.

- BFG LS 550W PSU -
Oklahoma Wolf - Review Sample. Never been in a machine.

- Swiftech GTZ Waterblock -
775 and 1366 mounting included! Excellent block, confirmed fully functional and in excellent condition. Disassembled, sanitized, re-assembled and sealed. Ready to rock!

- Danger Den MC-TDX Waterblock -
for Socket 775. Straight From our friend muddocktor. I've personally used one and it's an excellent block!

- $100 Gift Certificate from Petra's Tech Shop -
Code to be emailed upon the the lucky winners' request

- Foxconn Bloodrage GTI -
X58, LGA1366. Full retail package. Bought from Newegg.ca earlier this year.

If you require clarification on the structure and conditions of the contest, please PM me.
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Nov 1, 2001
New Iberia, LA

About myself: I've been a member here since late 2001. I first started running Rosetta a few years ago when Seti had the big server meltdown and the project was at a stoppage for several months. I looked around at other BOINC projects and found that someone had already started a Rosetta team for OCForums. Since it was related to protein folding I chose it to run until Seti got going again. Since then I have run Rosetta off and on since then. I switched my main system back to Rosetta a few days ago and presently I am cleaning out the last of my queued Seti work, so I can help Rosetta out again. I also plan to switch over my laptop and my daughter's machine to Rosetta when they clear out some Seti work too.


Jun 6, 2003
username = Duner

I'm mostly a SETI cruncher. The timing of the RAC Harvest seems perfect as SETI is having some major work shortages right now. I'll be bringing to the game: imac (E8335), mac mini (T5600), Dell (E6550), and my SETI rigs Phenom [email protected], Athlon II 620 @3.2, AMD 3500+ single core, P4 2.8E HT.


Sith Lord
Jun 17, 2003
Maryland, USA
username = drshivas

I've been with OCF since '03, and have contributed to the three main OCF DC teams, [email protected] (as cshive5,) SETI and the latest, Rosetta. I support the effort to use distributed computing to help research cures to diseases, and appreciate how easy BOINC makes it to contribute to such research.

I consider myself a part of the 'fold and forget' crowd, if such a group exists. As my life has become more complicated, (child, new job,) I have less hours to tinker with a folding farm. Rosetta and BOINC have allowed me to continue to contribute to this line of research and have fun, despite my busier schedule.

I crunch on five rigs, my main rig, home server, HTPC, which are all 45nm C2Q's, along with my office rig and my wife's rig, which are C2Ds.
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Jan 29, 2008
username=Michael Daniels

Been a member here since January of 08. I used to run [email protected], but had some problems getting it to work right so I'd been out of the loop for a year or better. Then recently, I noticed Rosie... and decided to start running it since BOINC is so easy to set up and get running. :)

I've got Rosetta running on the two rigs that are up and running in my house right now. My main computer, which is in my sig, and my HTPC that's not contributing a whole lot since it's only got a P4. I'm hoping at some point I can find myself a C2D/C2Q to stick in that puppy so it can contribute a bit more, but first I definitely need to get a new case with better airflow for it first, and a better HSF, as that thing just gets too warm for my liking. :)

I'm currently attending Central Lakes College in Brainerd, MN in pursuit of an AAS in Network Administration. It's the best degree they offer in the IT field, so I decided to go for it. Though, my dream is to get my custom computer & repair shop off the ground (website found here). I get a little business, not anything near to what I need.

I've been married for 2 years to my wonderful wife Melissa. We have two sons together, and I inherited a step-daughter. Nakita is 4 years old, Logan is 1.5 years old, and Lucas, the newest, is 3 months old. Along with what little I do with my business and school full time, I have two jobs. I deliver parts for Carquest, and I'm an operator at Time Communications.

And I think that's more than enough about me. 0:)


Jan 4, 2009
Sunny California

i am a total noob but the purpose of the project seems really cool. I am married with 4 kids i am a gamer when i get the time. i am going to school right now for IT network security and should have my BS in jan2011. i would like to participate in such a great thing as this, even though i am super busy with kids and life i will try my best to be good competition. i am running this on my laptop and once i get settled in my new place i will run my desktop too.


Jan 9, 2002

I've been a lurker of ocforums since 2002, started doing SETI soon after seeing peoples sigs advertising the team. Movers and shakers was my favorite stats page. After BOINC absorbed SETI I switched to [email protected] in 2004 and have been hooked ever since.
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Sep 20, 2007
Username = JollySwagman

Joined OCF Sept 2007, [email protected] T32 Member/Folding Mentor, also [email protected] and [email protected] recently,
Have 6 Rigs Folding or Crunching WU,s for Overclockers.com various Teams above, with one Rig Down for Rebuild and One [email protected] Rig Down at the Moment due to defective HDD,

Currently working on The Sled Acrylic Tech Bench , A Build from scratch Project for a Competition, see link in Sig for Work log

So will hopefully get one of the Above Rigs back over to Crunch for the Rosie RAC harvest

Fold On!


Folding/SETI/Rosetta Team Member
Oct 20, 2005
BOINC Username: ben.World.order

A bit about yourself: I started crunching under the ben.World.order username for OCF's [email protected] team when that team sent out the call to the folding team for assistance in the 2007 King's Gauntlet. During the Gauntlet experience I found BOINC to be a much more enjoyable DC client to maintain and run, and once the Gauntlet was over I set out with a goal of reaching a million points in SETI as quick as possible. A few months later the Pirate Fleet came to OCF and called out our rosetta team, which had been languishing around 3k team RAC at the time. Led by Adak's rally call for action, several members of OCFs other DC teams and myself joined the effort, an epic thread and pirate smackdown was the result, and the OCF [email protected] team became the powerhouse it is today.


Northern Senior
Apr 24, 2007
Everyone to this point added to the Event Roster. 8 entries so far.

Wow, we've got some serious power added already! That's great to see!
And it's great to learn a bit more about you guys. Nice work on the bios, thanks.

I'll be crunching my face off, but I won't be officially registering as a contestant obviously. Regardless, here's a bit about me:

I joined the OCF Rosetta Team back in August of 08, after a short stint with our brothers over at [email protected] I wanted to be part of a team that was essentially just starting out, and be there from the ground up! So, I joined the Rosetta Team, and it's been alot of fun. Anyhow, after the departure of our good friend Adak, I've I put in the request for change in foundership, and have been trying my best to keep up with the milestones and updates. As anyone on the team knows, there are periods of crazy activity when you hit a batch of slower moving teams(or when Pixie stops by to help ;)), and there are the slower times when you are bridging a 5MIL point gap. The important thing is that this team has never given up and that's a real testament to the dedication of our core crunchers.
I am big into benching and when I'm not doing that, I'm busy finding the maximum stable frequency that this i7 will run so that I can keep the ol RAC up. As it stands now, all of my RAC comes from one machine.
On a more personal note, I am a geologist by trade, and I currently work as a Technical Sales Rep for a large oilfield service company. I'm a dog lover, and have two greyhounds. When I'm not busy tinkering with this bloody computer, I'm walking them, or out on the Bow River with my fly rod. I also custom build flyrods and have sold them to people all over the world.
Anyhow, just thought I'd join in.

Ok, back on track. Registration only in this thread please. :)
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Senior Member
May 10, 2009
username = Bobnova

Been [email protected] for a while, noticed that rosetta was rather under-staffed so i decided to switch for a bit.
I have to admit the contest helped convince me :D


Sep 5, 2009
Username : Racerblade

came here fore help with my watercooling and hav been trolling around ever since thene.

Insane Scyth

Feb 8, 2005
Seattle, WA
Username: Jackson
Info: I have been folding for this team since sometime last year. I come to this forums often, but don't really post to often. Currently I am a student at the University of Washington studying Informatics.


Aug 15, 2006
username: Bootlag2004

Came for help with 1st rig and have been lucking around for a while now. Should have my team ranks in sign.


Northern Senior
Apr 24, 2007
Everyone to this point added to the Event Roster. 15 entries so far.


Water Cooled Moderator
Oct 14, 2007
Username: hokiealumnus

Bit about myself: Started [email protected] for Team abit (13285, abit Wolves) when I was a mod over there (RIP abit). They are still around but due to our extreme frustration at their abandonment, we are now The Folding Wolves.

After becoming immensely frustrated recently at lost WU's for no reason other than merely exiting the program, I'm going to help out with the harvest! This way, hopefully the science my computer is crunching will be put to good use instead of being thrown away for no good reason.
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