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rototron 115vac 70/80cfm 120mm fan

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You'll get more replies if you give some more info. Like:
CPU, speed, core voltage.
PC room temp, case temp and cpu temp under load.
Make and model of HeatSink & Fan (HSF) assembly.
Mid or Full tower case, what other fans already in it.

I have several Rotron "muffin" fans as well as some Sprites. They do a good job and are generally, not too loud. I don't use them as I'm not fond of 120VAC running around inside my case, not that it can't be done safely and effectively. If I did implement such a setup, I would use a DPDT relay, switched by the PSU +12 output. I would put it inside the PSU and buss it out to a terminal strip, along with a sub-minitaure toggle switch to manually disable the relay, shoulf I desire to do so.

thanks for responding. i havent finalized my plans for my computer so needless to say i dont have stats but i plan on haveing a full tower case with a tbird 900 over clocked to 1000+ and a good quality HSF. i may or may not run a watercooling system. I am new to over clocking but i have taken classes to prepare me for a+ cert so i know a little. This will be the second comp i have built so i want to do it right.