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RTX 3070 V-Ram at 1440p

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Nov 10, 2016
So it's been a while since I've been active here, it's been a while since I've had my PC out of storage as well. I've got the 9900k with 32gb ram and I sold my 1080ti back in June because I knew I was reaching a juncture where if I wanted to retain any value out of it I better sell now. So I did, and my PC has just been sittin there ever since. I grabbed a 3070 a few weeks ago, was trying to hold off for a 3080 but everything was out of stock everywhere and I ended up being one of those suckers who paid $700 for a 3070FE (Which I Love the FE this year, Especially the silver 3070. There's a ton of silver on the z390 Aorus Master and the 3070FE looks great in my build) Because I had the chance to get it right there on the spot in person brand new in the box and I was impatient. AND DAMN IT - I was totally unaware the 3070 only had 8gb v-ram. I figured the 70 and 80 both had 10gb. So, I have a 1440p display, rather old (Acer Predator 27") No HDR. I do plan to sell it relatively soon and upgrade to a newer monitor with HDR and all the latest goods. But I do plan to stay at 1440p. I may go Ultra Wide but I don't plan on going 4k anytime soon. So the questions I'm here to ask are is 8gb v-ram enough anymore at 1440p? It's my fault for not paying enough attention, I knew the 3070 was going toe to toe with the 2080ti but I didn't realize it had 8gb or I would havd probably just grabbed a 2080ti because theu were all over the place for 600-700$ in my area. Basically like I said my next planned upgrade is a newer monitor same resolution or possibly Ultra wide but if I'm going to have issues with v-ram then i may hold off and upgrade my damn gpu yet again when I can actually walk out and grab a 3080 no issue and sell the 70 (or grab a 6900.) And in case you'll are wondering, no I have not gotten to use it yet. I slapped the 3070 in my rig, ordered a power cable for the psu then I got thrown a curve ball that struck me out. This week finally I will be hooking my rig up and trying it out on my freshly pir***d copy of 2077. Any facts or opinions lent to me would be appreciated.
I cannot answer your question with any expertise.

But I can say that I wouldn't worry until you get that new monitor and see how the 3070 handles it. From there you can decide if it will work for you or not. If not hopefully they announce a 3080Ti but not a 3070Ti. That way you can grab the 3080Ti and sell the 3070 while you're still be able to get MSRP +/- a $100-200.
8GB will be fine at that resolution on ultra. Most games don't come close, some do, but it will be fine for years in a majority of titles.
I don’t have a 3070, but I do have a 5700xt with 8GB of vram. If I was to max out settings in cyberpunk for example, I get about 6-7GB of usage. So that’s ok. I do think 8GB will be ok for a while but I also wouldn’t be surprised if some games do start to use 8GB+ at 1440p in a few years. What I cannot speak to is how vram usage changes with the use of dlss and ray tracing as my card doesn’t have that tech. Typically dlss would reduce vram usage but ray tracing would increase it, but I don’t know to what degree.

Just a personal opinion but I do think that Nvidia really skimped on the vram this time. The 3080 should have really had 12/16GB (3080ti will have that) and the 3070 should have had at least 10GB as if you do use it for 4K the 8GB isn’t enough.

Just a personal opinion but I do think that Nvidia really skimped on the vram this time. The 3080 should have really had 12/16GB (3080ti will have that) and the 3070 should have had at least 10GB as if you do use it for 4K the 8GB isn’t enough.


But if I remember correctly doesn't Nvidia utilize it's VRAM differently making more use out of what it's got.

But still 10GB for 3070 and at least 12 for the 3080. For nothing else but the number on the box makes people feel better.
Also DLSS should help since it isn't doesn't render at output resolution so takes less space in vram?
I dont know if this helps you but may assure you a little. I recently upgraded to a 3070. I game on 2k and 4k. From what I read/watched. Over 8 gigs of vram will be needed down the road, for now, the 3070 will be fine until next gen titles come out. I am extremely pleased w/ the performance of my 3070!!! I can honestly say the 3070 handles everything I throw at it like a champ. I mostly game at 2k for newer titles on max settings w/ Motion blur off and rtx when its available:
  • Assassins' creed odyssey
  • New Blood
  • Conan Exiles
  • Bright Memory
  • Arma 3
  • Day Z
  • Quake rtx
  • Rise of the tomb raider

Running on 4k:
  • Borderlands
  • Doom
  • Dragons Doma
  • Metro 2033/last light

off topic...isn't talk of pirated games frowned upon here? Or have times changed?
Thank you for all your replies, i can not wait to use this 3070, coming from a 1080ti I am gonna super happy. 2077 talk is only for testing. I own 30 plus games, most of which are AAA titles. I've spent well over a grand on PC games. Yes I am broke at the moment, but I have several games I haven't even started yet so if after 3-4 hours of play I like it, I'll play something else until I can afford to buy it. I've never played a P.......D game all the way thru. I either delete and free up disk space or delete and buy.
Just one thing. Even if a game uses more memory than your card has, it doesn't mean that the game won't work. In most cases, it will be a bit slower and that's all. Because of Nvidia's texture compression etc., new graphics cards need less memory.
I was checking some benchmarks which are in more or less popular games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, FarCry 5, Assassin's Creed series, and some more. I couldn't pass 8GB on any of them up to 4K and high display details. Benchmarks like Superposition at 8k need 6GB VRAM and this is about the average which I had at 1440p/4K in some games or benchmarks based on games.
Same here. I have a lot of the newer titles in use with my 3070 and ultra-wide 1440p monitor and have yet to encounter an issue. I'm still on the list for a 3080, but the more I use my 3070, the more I'm impressed with how big of a step up from my 2070 it really is.