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RUN! We are being chased so run for all you're worth. Just run.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
We have two teams chasing us down. Looking at SchenklRadio, they show 10 active folders but it's really just one user. MrTux is earning over 1.2 billion per day! Per day. That is impressive. They seem to be an internet radio group or station from Germany as best I can tell. They are new to the scene so we'll see how long they last. They will catch us in about 7 months at the current rate(s).

The other team(?) really is just one guy (in the generic sense) earning over 60 billion per day. Now that's really doing something. I mean, 1.2 billion ppd is really something but 60 billion?! Because of our long history and steady production, EPFL IC-IT will take over 5 years to catch us. They seem to have steady production and have been ramping up and up. We too shall see how long they last.

Top 16 earning 1 million ppd.
Top 7 earning 10 million ppd.
Top 3 earning 20 million ppd.
Top 2 earning 30 million ppd.

Wow! Great job.

farjr00 has earned 40 million this week.


Premium Member
Dec 6, 2010
Looks like SchenklRadio is a flash in the pan, I just looked at their stats and they are falling hard straight down as in splat like a bug hitting the windshield.