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Runnin' idle at 4c cpu, and 1c on system...need help

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Feb 16, 2001
I'm runnin' a side case fan (I think a 5x5 square ac fan) with a dryer exhaust hose outside. At first it sounded good. But what about condensation. The fan is plugged in separately, and even now the outside of the case is like an ice cube. Anyone know how to shut it down without any condensation probs.?
Nope - You'll have to keep it running until summer arrives :)

Another alternative would be to seal the case (block fan intakes and outlets) but have just a small circulating fan inside, then the heat generated by the internal components will heat up the mobo etc, after which time you'll be able to shut it down without a condensation problem as your components will be at or above ambient.

You could get fancy and use a cheapo household thermostat to monitor case temp and ambient temp, when they became equal the contact closure could sound a buzzer to let you know it's safe to shut down the system.
What internal heat? Even my cd tray is slower at opening up. Guess I could take one side off the case and let it warm gradually, or unplug the outside fan for awhile. Or I guess just let it run 'til the cows come home.
Well you have to stop the side fan from bringing in the cold air from outside first. Then, if you leave your system running as a sealed unit it will heat the air inside the case, and provided you don't allow any air from the room to get into the case (it's warm and moisture laden), you shouldn't get any condensation.

By the way, how do you deal with condensation on the outside of the case when it's so cold??
Thanks for the reply. As far as the outside of the case goes, It' about 78f in the room and the air is really dry. 4c is 39f and of course 1c is 33f. Any lower than that I don't know. I have everything sealed except for a few cracks like the floppy drive, etc.,and a small angled cut (case made that way) in the side of the case opposite the fan/mb. When I run it at this speed 750@1050 without the fan mod., the system resets at 43c. Any clues as to why?
Anyway,that's why I made it like this in the first place.
Well, now we are down to system spec's. Type of equip and voltages bios settings etc etc. Particularly need fsb, Vcore, mem type & CAS setting, cpu. Where does it lock up, Windows or application or game?
I stuck my whole case out the window last week. When I stopped the experiment I just let the open case warm slowly. Once at room temperature for a while I was pretty sure that there was no more condensation and then I turned it and all was fine.

Yes there was significant condensation and it worried me until I was able to fire it up again.