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Running bluestack emulators memory usage and other problems, alternatives???

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Jan 29, 2007
I was running Skype, Bluestacks, Bonic, Outlook, and FF browser at the same time, stupid yes. I found my system froze up, skype was the straw that broke it. I had to power off by switching off the PC which caused my profile not to load in MS and then I had to do a recovery from two days ago to get things back to normal.

So.... I am using Clubhouse and that is the reason I installed Bluestacks. I don't want to use my phone. I think all emulators will all cause a high memory and CPU usage. But I am wondering if the community can tell me which emulator may be slightly better than Bluestacks? I see there are many, but which one will have less issues?

I will also reduce other programs when I am using bluestacks for now to avoid my system from locking up and crashing. Not sure if all of them will have the same issues or if one will be better. Thanks.

But other advice would be appreciated. Let me know which one you use.

You probably have other problems that Bluestacks probably isn't the cause. The software you list except BOINC isn't demanding at all. Boinc depends a long on what project you're attached on. I'm assuming you haven't allowed Bluestacks to use all cores, so its usage will be limited. It is more likely the system is unstable. You just need to find out why and fix it.

BTW I use Bluestacks. It seems to be most popular amongst the mobile game youtubers I follow. There seems to be a lot of mud slinging in the android emulator space so I haven't tried others.
Have not had other issues with my system until this happened today. I was running Boinc at 50% threads and 50% CPU time. My friend told me I probably did not reboot often enough and the page file memory or whatever MS uses just ran out when I tried to close bluestacks and it just created an irreversible storm and locked everything up.

But you bring up an interesting thing, how do I limit blue stacks to using only one core? Can you give me some steps to do so?
Also I notice that BS is using high power, my friend told me this is normal, for any emulator. Both Boinc and BS use a lot of power.

As for what I was working on I was using WCG at 50%, the project is Microimmunity not so demanding and SRBase GPU project. Also my FF was using a lot of memory as I had probably 50+ tabs open, that was using a lot of physical memory which should not have influenced the lockup.

Since rebooting and getting this all cleaned up, it seems ok now. I will reboot more often, like once a day or every three days if I am using BS for Clubhouse.

EDIT: Nevermind, I found how to control the CPU and RAM usage in the settings function. It is already quite low yeah, so... I don't know what happened.