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Running comp with aquastealth2 + aquacoil now! (temp question)

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Jul 3, 2001
well, here are my temps
Computer Tempature(System: 34°C, 1 CPU, CPU(1): 46°C)
uhm, that about average for this system?
if not, what can be wrong
What processor? What speed? Which case? How many fans, what kind, and where? Is that your idle temperature or under load?
amd tbird1.1ghz AJFA at 1.1ghz
Q500, 4 case fans, 80mm, 3 back > out, 1 side > in
thats my idle temp, load is around 50,
That's pretty high, imo. Did you lap the bottom of the waterblock before you attached it? Did you apply Arctic Silver? Any bends or obstructions in your line? ie.. are you getting good pressure on the return side? Plenty of ventilation to your fan powering your radiator? Did you use a water additive like Purple Ice?

Those might be basic.. but.. that's the best place to start. If you can answer all those questions with positive.. then you might hvae to dig deeper.

those temps are very high for water cooling. First off your ambient temp is 34, is your radiatior mounted at the top of your case using that air? If so, putting it down at the front or just having it draw cooler air from the outside will help out immensly. Second, you have 3 fans going out but only 1 going in? Thats way off balanced, you need two in, two out because the psu fan is also going out. Now what pump are you using, if it is like 120gph pump then its probably only going around 80 or 90 as it is(I assume) pumping up to the radiator. Thats pretty slow and going to account for the high temps too. Next, are you using frag tape, thermal goop, or Artic Silver. If using AS, did you follow AS's instructions on how to apply it?

Thats it for now, I think all of those are combining to produce those temps. They aren't dangerous, but certainly not what an water cooled system should be doing.
You definitely should flip around some of those fans. I didn't even notice your fan setup until I read the read the last poster's followup. I have had better luck with positive pressure in the case than negative (more fans pointing in than out.. use CFM as guideline).

Looking at the fan setup I don't see a 120mm fan which should be sucking air through the radiator and out of your case. Was that an omission, or do you not have a fan on the radiator? If not, that's your problem.
i have a 120mm fan on the buttom front of my case that is blowing air from outside the case, over the radiator (in the case), and into the case
3 fans in the back pulling air out (including psu fan, all 80mm), then i have another 80mm putting air in on the side of the case, i think im going to get another 80mm and mount it next to that one for blowing air in
no water additives, just distilled water
i did mount the waterblock to the cpu correctly using artic silver2, i read the directions
i was told i could put Rubbing Alcohol in the line, which would improve cooling performance, but kinda shakey on that
also, i think lots of the air in my radiator (or cooling coil), is getting stopped cause the 120mm fan doesn thave enough pressure, im thinking ill mount another 120 mm so i have one blowing air on the radiator, and one sucking through it, i dunno if this will work good, but it might
also, im using a rio180 pump, and water flow is probably a little to slow, so im going to call becooling and see if i can get a trade in with teir danner 280gph + 1 foot lift pump, i think thatll help out greatly
thanks for the replys
I would personally blow air across the radiator on its way OUT of the case.. not into. Also, you mentioned that you applied Arctic Silver to the waterblock.. but.. did you lap it first? My BeCooling waterblock was pretty marked up (scratched and corroded fingerprints on the bottom). It definitely had to be lapped (worked up to 2000grit wet) to work properly.

Also, did you clean the aluminum flecks from the reservoir? I checked my reservoir because of a review I had read and noted the same aluminum particles that the reviewer had warned about. I think that could be affecting your flow. Assuming that you didn't clean it you should probably flush and clean your system and refill. And, when you refill be sure to use Purple Ice or Water Wetter.

No matter what.. you're not going to get good cooling until you get that case temp down, though. If nothing else.. remove your side panel and use a standard house fan (20", etc) to cool your system. Just have to make sure and clear the dust regularly :). If you absolutely have to keep the side panel on.. what about a blow hole? A high performance 120mm fan in the top with all your previous fans (except the radiator) directed in might be the trick. Kinda depends on the layout of your case, etc. You'd have to evaluate it.

heres what I've done
3 80mms exhausting, 2 80mms blowing in, and 1 120mm blowing in, I was told to have more pressure in the case, so that's what I did
so, I made this image to give you an example
kind of a shitty image I did in 3dsmax, but took maybe 5 mins :)
Naeleros (Jul 16, 2001 01:24 a.m.):
I would personally blow air across the radiator on its way OUT of the case.. not into.....

I have the same setup. This is the same way a car uses a radiator system.