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Running my ddr333 at ddr355

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Oct 26, 2002
Hi there,

I am currently running my 1.8A at 2400mhz at default voltage which will run my ram at either 266mhz or 355mhz depending on whether I set my ram at 2.0 (ie-2x my fsb) or 2.66 (ie-2.66x my fsb). Problem is, when I run my ram at 266mhz I can run it at default voltage completely stable which for me means Prime95 for 8+ hours, UT2003 and Jedi KnightII without any issues but running my ddr at the 355mhz option, games run fine but Prime95 will only run for anywhere from 15mins to an hour before getting errors. If tried upping the voltage for my vdimm at 2.6 and 2.7 and my system seems to run LESS stable if I up the vdimm voltage. Currently, I have two single sided 256mb dimms occupying slots 1 and 2 on my mobo and would really like to run both sticks which are both high quality pc2700. One is original Samsung and the other stick uses the winbond high quality chips. Should I try and "burn in the memory" at say 266mhz at a high voltage (2.8v max on my mobo) for a period of time or go for the gusto and up the vdimm voltage AND run it at 355mhz to see if it will stabilize itself by running at that speed for long periods of time? Any suggestions no matter how silly are appreciated. Here's my setup:

P4 1.8A @2400mhz (1.5 volts) w/TT Volcano 7+ hsf
Gigabyte GA-8IEXP mobo
512mb pc2700 ram (256 X 2) @ 266 (2.5 volts)
Maxtor 40gb 7200rpm ata 133 hd
Lite On 48x cd-rom
LG 32X10X40 cd-rw
GeForce2 MX400 (I know, I know...next upgrade...9700 pro perhaps)
Enermax 350 watt ps
Sound Blaster 5.1 platinum sc

ps- cpu runs perfectly stable at its default voltage 24/7 and idles at 22c and 45c full load so I'd like to keep it where it's at as upping the volts cause more heat and instabilty.
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