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RX 6600 XT Power Usage

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Jan 14, 2015
I just upgraded from an RX-480 to a PowerColor RX-6600 XT Hellhound (It was $140 cheaper than the 3060-Ti, and Micro Center actually had stock, so sue me.). It's twice as fast as the RX-480, give or take, plays most games at 1440p just fine, and is really easy on power consumption.

Anyway, in HWInfo, the power limit is 135 watts at default, and playing around with Furmark/Afterburner, that is indeed the case. Not that it needs more, but I thought the RX-6600 XT was supposed to have a TGP of 160 watts.

Can anyone with a different brand RX-6600 XT comment on the reported TGP in Afterburner and/ or what you see in Afterburner under load?


Jan 14, 2015
It has a TBP of 160W. TGP may be lower as that is graphics power only?

I wondered the same thing, but every reference I can find says the TGP is 160, but perhaps reviewers are confusing TGP and TBP. That's why I'm curious to hear from someone with a different RX-6600-XT, and who would be willing to run HWInfo, to see what it reports.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
This is from another 6600xt review...

.....The default BIOS (OC) delivers 145 watts of power. AMDÂ’s reference specification for the 6600 XT is 130 watts (TGP, the TBP is 160W).
So amd reference tgp is 130W and yours is higher at 135W. TBP is different and higher.

AMD website says 160W TBP... doesnt mention TGP.


Benching Team Leader
Jan 2, 2005
I have exactly the same card and I haven't seen it going past ~115W in 3D tests. I wasn't trying furmark etc. but in standard 3DMarks it could reach boost clock without the need to run at its maximum wattage. Maybe a matter of drivers or something else.
If anyone is curious, during mining it uses ~55W and gets 31MH/s. Low point to buy it for mining as it would take a lot of time to cover the cost of the card but the efficiency is pretty good.
Btw. there is a +20% power slider for the Hellhound version. Most other brands have it at +6-12%.