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Rx480 how bad will a 2500k 5 year old build bottle neck the gpu

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Jun 4, 2006
Basically gonna start slowly upgrading/rebuilding gfx is first on the list

Specs are as follows

CPU = I5 2500k
Motherboard = msi z68 gd65 g3
RAM = 8 gigs ddr3-1600
PSU =corsair tx850
Current Video Card = 5770 playing at 1680x1050 wanting to upgrade lcd at some point in the future but nothing over 1080 I think
It won't by much...if at all. Go for it.. Consider overclocking that CPU though, if only because you have been here 10 years and its what we do, LOL!
Well good that's what I want to hear think I will pull the trigger sometime today then
depending on the game, playing bf1 for me my cpu sits at 90-100% cpu most everything else it only gets up to like 80% (1060 is roughly the same performance as 480)
When I underclock my CPU to 2.5GHz or overclock to 4.5GHz my CPU utilization stays the same in BF1 98-100%, however the FPS goes from minimum 80 FPS at 2.5GHZ to minimum 144FPS at 4.5GHz.

I don't use CPU utilization to factor anything just FPS.
well, i mean... if its at 100% at 4.8ghz its gonna be at 100% at 2.5, either way both are going to be limiting your potential fps output, 2.5ghz obviously is going to have less fps. lol. im sure if i had a faster cpu like a 7600k @5ghz and it wasnt sitting at 100% usage while playing then id probably have a higher frame rate, but it still works fine.
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2500K isn't a bad processor, especially if you can grab a decent used cooler on the cheap and can get a good stable overclock, which is why people were still buying those CPUs like 1–2 years ago. It should manage. In terms of monitors, I'd hate to get your hopes too high up and then disappoint, but 1440p might be viable, whether real or virtual (driver downsampling). For the record, virtual 1080p might be doable on your monitor with the new card (and in any case you'll probably have fps to burn in anything that's not the absolute newest games on all ultra).
I had the 2600k at 4.5 GHz with a gtx 980 then a gtx 1070 and it ate up and spit out every game I threw at it. Seriously, I am still convinced Sandy Bridge is still a Killer Gaming Cpu if running at 4.5 GHz or faster. I do not think it will bottle neck an rx 480 one bit if you have it overclocked.

Even playing Battlefield One.
Motherboard = msi z68 gd65 g3

8 Phase power for the cpu = good overclocking. If you've been using it at stock speeds it's really wasting it's potential, and the money you spent on the K chip and beefy mobo.

You'll get 4.5-5ghz with the right cooling on that board I would presume.
I'm just saying CPU utilization does not equate to FPS, I've tested it and some games use more utilization with less fps, other games use less utilization with more FPS.
I had a 12 phase Gigabyte and I had 4.5 GHz all day long man and for those Sandy Bridge Cpu's that are 3.3-3.5 GHz base clock, that is a significant performance gain bro. These reviews and such that talk about Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge should consider upgrades but Haswell and up should not. They are talking about stock SB and IB. If you have an SB chip with a 1-1.5 GHz overclock, you are straight. You are still solid for gaming for another two years IMO. All day. I just had one and I honestly regret selling it. I literally got a 3k bonus I wasn't expecting, first bonus I have ever gotten, a week after I sold it to start this build. Now I wish I had it for a htpc/bdrm pc. But ya man for sure I think you should most definitely Overclock and you should most definitely feel comfortable with getting the rx 480, you'll be straight.