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Ryzen 3700x Idle Temps

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Jul 12, 2002
Hi all,

I'm back again trying to figure out my CPU idle temps. Now that it's summer and quite warm and I have more time to tinker, I'd like to see if I can figure out why my idle temps are 50 degrees Celsius.

I'm not OC'ing the CPU:

I've changed the following settings:

SB Clock Spread Spectrum - Disabled
Performance Enhancer - Default
Precision Boost Override (Ai Tweaker tab) - Disabled
Precision Boost Override (Overclock tab) - Disabled
CPB - Disabled

Aside from the above, everything other than DOCP and some other non related features (ErP etc) is left at auto/default

My ambient room temps are at 26 degrees Celcius.

I have the latest chipset driver from AMD and using Ryzen Balanced plan

I've also never been able to figure out how to have the CPU throttle down during low use. It's always at 3600mhz. I would like to figure this part out also.

Thanks for the help.


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Have you tried windows power option? I know on win 7 under control panel you can change the power plan.
I've tried both Ryzen and Windows power plans. :( I've also tried some power plan tweaks, setting max cpu to 99% instead of 100% etc. It just feels like the power plans don't work. I remember with my intel chip, the cpu would throttle down, etc, and there's no way that my idle temps should be almost the same as gaming temps?
It's clear there is significant load on that cpu and isn't idle...look at the %. What's causing the load?

That cpu should run well over 3.6ghz so something is clearly up. Get back to basics.... reset the cmos and go from there. Do you have the latest bios on this board?
1) The BIOS settings that I'm using keep it at 3.6
2) I will updated bios/clear CMOS and report back.

I haven't done a clean install of Windows in a long time, could that be a factor? Just too many OS build and driver updates etc. I do use Revo Uninstaller for the important things.
1. Why are you doing that? Lowering performance to that and not letting run at stock speeds???

I doubt Windows is the factor here. But if that is really idle on your machine, you need to figure out what's using a majority of your CPU... because, those temps clearly aren't idle. When it's like that, bring up the task manager and see what is taking up so much load.
At some point when I was trying to figure this out, it lead me to disabling the PBO and CPB etc and I haven't had time to look into it further. I'm planning to spend some time today after work to do the above. I have Chrome up as I type this and Task Manager says it's using 52% of my CPU...what in the heck?

I ended that one chrome task which was using 50+% cpu and that was the issue. Temps immediately dropped by 10-12 degrees celcius. Now I have to figure out what Chrome feature this is. It's not a open web page because I'm editing this as I closed that one task and it didn't close any of my open pages.

I did a clean install of Chrome and wasn't able to figure out what part of Chrome loads at start up which is causing this 50+% cpu usage. I can close the task in task manager and it doesn't impact me from using Chrome, so I don't know. I'll have to look at this after work. I'm not sure how I can check what part of Chrome is using the high cpu. When I check details, all it does is point me to the executable.

UPDATE: Seems to be a known community issue with the "unknown" chrome process eating up 50+% cpu at start up. Unfortunately I need to use Chrome for work but I'm on holiday starting in a few days so I'll see if switching to Microsoft Edge works with my work apps (Google Class) etc.

The other alternative for now is to always close that one process after start-up. It doesn't come back up once it's closed.

Earth-Dog, could you please look at the BIOS settings I mentioned in my original post? What do you think? Should I be force disabling some of them or take the route of using a -offset Vcore or manual once I update my BIOS later?

Thanks for your help.
There really should be no need to disable CPB and PBO. That CPU should run within temp specs at stock and you're losing performance by disabling these features. Sounds like you found your culprit.
At optimized defaults, your power plan may also work correctly.
Fwiw... chrome doesn't do that to me...

As far as settings go... default + xmp should be all you need as Johan said above. :)

Try resetting chrome settings - Settings,” “Advanced,” “System” is the option to restore Chrome’s settings to their original
I've tried all of that with Chrome and even did a clean install, deleted all Chrome folders. As soon as I installed it back and rebooted, that one task came back up. I barely have any extensions, just some google class related stuff, IPEVO doc camera, Youtube AdBlock, NordVPN but I have all the sliders set to the left.

I'm investigating this further and I'll report back. Might be a malware thing.


Problem solved!

I ran malwarebytes and found 3 trojans, windows appdata roaming files. Deleted them, reboot and the chrome tasks are gone on start up.